How to Get Accepted to Your Dream College Even When You’ve Been Waitlisted or Rejected

When college decision letters come out, there are generally three possible responses: acceptance, rejection, or spot on the waitlist.

In recent years, however, we have seen the increase in some lesser-known college admission possibilities. In this post, we’ll talk about two different admission possibilities.

Spring Admits

First, many colleges offer admission to freshmen for the spring semester instead of the fall.

Schools accept students to begin during the spring semester because they know that not all freshmen will return for the spring term. As a result, spaces open up in the freshman class midway through the year.

Guaranteed Transfer Option

Recently, a second admissions possibility has emerged, known as “the guaranteed transfer option.” This program guarantees admission to any student who begins their college coursework at a different institution.

The student must maintain a required GPA and, if they do, they will be admitted to the college that initially deferred them.

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Colleges turned to this new approach to help fill vacancies left by students who may drop out, enroll in study abroad programs, or transfer to different colleges. At this point, Cornell University and many of the SUNY schools practice this transfer option.

Schools have started using these alternative admission strategies because, during the past few years, they have seen a huge spike in the number of applicants. As a result, colleges have devised new strategies to be able to accept students eager to attend.

Things to Consider

If you are offered one of these admission plans and you really want to attend the college, you should consider accepting it.

But keep in mind that you will have an alternative freshman year experience if you start halfway through or don’t wind up on campus until they are a sophomore. On the other hand, if your dream school offers this option, it can give you the only opportunity to attend.

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Read the Fine Print

Also, make sure you read the fine print in the offer letter. Most colleges require the student to maintain a certain GPA if they accept the guaranteed transfer option. Also, you may or may not be asked to put down a deposit. Different schools have different policies.

If you wish to accept a guaranteed transfer option, also make sure that you inquire about which classes you should take at their initial college. In particular, make sure you will receive academic advising from the college where you wish to transfer. Ensure that your credits are going to be transferable.