College Life: Tips For Freshmen

Thrown Into a Dumpster?

As a high school Freshman, many are terrified of being thrown into a dumpster or jammed into their locker. It happens in all the movies right? Well, now many of you are entering your Freshman year of college. What should you expect? Well, for one thing, expect to make some mistakes. You are in a new and unfamiliar place and it is going to be scary. Here are some things to know about being a college Freshman.

At one point or another, expect to get lost

During your Freshman year, you will experience times where you don’t know where you are, or where you are going. You may feel lost and have no idea what to do. A word of advice: if you are lost, do not be afraid to ask someone where you are going. Older students are people, not monsters. No one is going to make fun of you or ignore you while you’re asking them a question. Also, think about getting a map and walking through campus a day or two before class starts so you can familiarize yourself with your surroundings. This will make it a lot easier for you to find your way around on your first day of classes.

You will stay friends with the people you meet Freshman year

My first week of college, I met the girl who lived across the hall from me. From that moment on, we have been inseparable. The people you meet Freshman year will be your friends for life. If you’re worried about making friends, make an effort to be extra outgoing. Most college Freshmen are in the same boat as you: they want to make friends, but might be scared. Be the one to initiate conversation with people. Most likely, they will have a conversation with you, and who knows? Maybe you will become best friends.

You may break up with your high school sweetheart

And if you don’t, you probably should. You have no idea how many new people you will be meeting every single day while you are in college. Most likely, you will not even care about your high school lover after the first month of being away. High school is a bubble and it is hard to see outside of that bubble, until you get to the real world. If you refuse to break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend before you leave, at least take a break so you can meet new coeds and experience something different.

You may and probably will gain weight

Many Freshman decide to live in the dorms. If you live in on-campus dorms, your situation often includes a meal plan of some sort where you eat in a cafeteria or buffet area. Having constant access to all the food you want suggests that you may gain some weight. Ever heard of the Freshman 15? Well, prepare to experience it. Try and eat healthy when you go to eat dinner and try and lay off the midnight snacks that will tempt you.

You will have to be more independent than ever

No parents! Woo-hoo! You will experience a breath of fresh air without having someone constantly controlling you. You can stay out as late as you want, you can hang out with who you want; you’re free. This breath of fresh air will only last a month or two tops. After this party period, you will realize that no one is doing your laundry for you and no one is telling you to do your homework. My suggestion to you then, is to go buy some laundry detergent and crack down on your studying because if not, you will have dirty clothes and bad grades. And if you do end up getting homesick for your parents, remember they are usually just phone call away. Don’t be ashamed to have a moment of dependence.


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