College Class Attendance

Attendance in college is far different than attendance in high school. It will also range greatly depending on the school and the actual class.

Some classes in college will not require you to be in attendance at all.

You could avoid every single class and not get any credit taken off at all. They only count the homework and/or tests in the grades. If you have a class like this, it is still generally advisable to go to class. Some people feel that they can just learn everything on their own, but this is rarely the case.

You may feel that you can just study from the textbook, but a lot of times the teacher will diverge from the textbook or highlight points in the textbook that are important and will show up more on tests.

Another factor to consider if you decide to skip classes is what the teacher will do if you have problems and come to him or her for help.

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They may be much more hesitant to offer extra credit or other help to someone who didn’t bother to show up for class.

If on the other hand you made a real effort to show up for class, they may be more sympathetic to your troubles. You may also get to know them better and hear of any extra credit opportunities that you might not know of if you do not go to class. Sometimes you cannot earn the extra credit unless you go to class.

Some teachers in college do require you to be in attendance a certain amount of time.

This can be tied in to your grade. If it is, you will want to be sure to attend unless there is a problem.

Sometimes they will take attendance. Other times they will measure this by giving small quizzes or assignments at the beginning of class that are worth points.

They may require you to give valid excuses for missing a class, so make sure that you follow through with this.

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In addition to attending class, you may want to be sure to be on time.

Sometimes teachers will count tardiness as an absence, especially if you are very late or you make it a habit. It may also annoy them, which can be a bad thing when they start to determine your grade.

You want to get in the habit of attending your college classes, no matter what the requirements are. Even if you miss a few, you can get behind and it can be difficult to catch up.