College Application Essay Format

If you come to think of it, a college essay is a great opportunity for you to reveal your best qualities and to show what makes you stand out from other students to the admissions officers. Therefore, while writing your essay, you should follow this essay format to make a terrific impression on the admission committee.

Let’s have a look at some of the most important points that you should keep in mind for a great college application essay format.

Before you begin on the essay, you should make sure that your college application resume is in good shape. The resume will help you to generate some ideas about which activities you might want to highlight in your essay.

What are storyboards?

Doing storyboards simply means organizing different sections and parts of your college essay.

  • The first thing you should do is to note down everything you can think of about settings, characters, resolution, suspense and conflicts.
  • Start your essays with the conflicts since it will become the focus of the entire essay, and it will also help you make your essay interesting to the admission officers. Here, you will need to be extremely descriptive. Exactly explain each and every detail of conflict.
  • The next part is the settings. Here also you need to describe everything in as detailed manner as possible. For instance; while describing the settings of any event, try to describe everything you can pick up with your senses at that particular event. Exactly explain everything you remember hearing, feeling, smelling and seeing.
  • When you will try to recall all the characters involved in a particular event, try to remember their physical characteristics and describe them, and you can even try to think what these characters might have been thinking at that particular moment. This strategy will help you in providing depth to your college application essay format.
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While preparing storyboards, you don’t need to be a perfectionist. All you have to do is prepare a rough draft and show that you possess an interesting story for your college essay.

How to write your college essay?

Now you have a storyboard ready for you, and it will be your guideline for an effective college application essay format.

Open your storyboard and ‘free write’ for a certain amount of time. The best way to ‘free write’ your essay is to write your essay in a chronological manner. You main objective here is to write your entire story continuously. So what should be the minimum length of your essay?

Actually it depends on the words required by your admission committee. Aim for slightly less number of required words. You can add plenty of information while revising your essay. These are probably the simplest and highly effective techniques for a great college application essay format.

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