4 Things To Put On Your College Application Resume

Your college application resume needs to be more than just the simple and direct. Yes, colleges want to see what you did in school, but they are interested in much more than just that. If you have a plan for success and are aiming high, you have to do everything that you can to be seen. You have to make yourself more attractive to colleges through work and dedication, which does not always have to be boring. You can do what you love and grab the attention of your chosen college with ease, but it requires some effort and a lot of time.

To get right to it, these are the four things that college consultants advise you to you put on your resume.

School life

While it should not be all that there is, you do need your school life, of course. A college advisor would tell you that you need to talk about your grades, your history, and how well you did in general. Your GPA, SAT/ACT scores, attendance record, and other important information should be included. This is the obvious, and you should not forget it, but it is not the only piece of getting into college.

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What you did for fun matters, too, but not just when it comes to video games. Your extracurricular activities should be included and many colleges do put them at high priority. What you do for fun in and outside of school, like sports and arts, will help you. This is what many schools care about, so make sure that they are well represented. Just remember not to lie or put very little down. They want to know how dedicated you are to these activities and they want to know that they matter to you.

Volunteer Work

Volunteer work is important. Just like your extracurricular activities, they want to see what you do with your free time. You just have to remember not to oversell all of this. Do not try to make yourself look like a saint who has left a social life behind, but do not forget to do this. Remember, most colleges can tell when you are lying, which is why it will not work out for you if you do that.

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Work Experience

Do not forget what you do for money. Your application resume should have your entire life in it, and that includes your work experience. Go over it and explain your work history so that the college has a better idea of you.

Remember, each of these play a vital role in the success of your resume for college application. Give them each the coverage and care that they require if you want this to do as well as it needs to. While each college and person will be different, and not all will need or have each piece, you should work towards having a well-rounded resume. When you put the care and time into this, you are more likely to succeed. If you need it, you should also reach out for help to be sure that your resume is at its best.

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