Before You Talk To College Girls

1. Upgrade Your Appearance

You only have one chance to make a first impression, so make sure you are always dressed and groomed to the best of your ability. Basic stuff can go a long way: Brush your teeth, shower regularly, do your hair, wear clean clothes (get an iron and use it if your clothes are wrinkled).

2. Be Active, Stay Busy, be Unavailable

The more girls think about you, the better. Busy guys don’t have a lot of time to hang around because they are accomplishing things, most girls are attracted to this. Get involved, and fill up that calendar of yours, she may complain she never gets to see you, but deep down she will understand (or find a girl that does). She will be thinking about you when you are not together, if you already caught her interest. If you are not busy, pretend you are, girls loose interest in (and take advantage of) a guy quickly if he is always around and available.

3. Try Not to be Alone

Always try to be with a buddy or friend (it’s even better if your buddy or friend is a good looking girl) in case you spot a girl you want to talk to. Walking with friends shows that people like to spend time with you, and that is good especially if other girls are with you.


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