Advantages of Going Away to College

When the hats fly through the air on that fantastic graduation day, you will have a fateful decision to make.

Should you stay close to home for college or go away? Each decision has its advantages and disadvantages, and no one decision is right for everyone.

The following are some of the advantages to going away to college.

1) You can often find a better school.

If you want to stay close to home, you will be limited on your choice of schools. You will only be able to choose the schools that are near, and many people do not live near the college that would be their first choice were they to have the entire country and even world to choose from.

By going away you open up every college out there (that will accept you, of course). You can search through many more options to find the perfect college to fit your wants and budget. Many people will find a college that is a better fit for them.

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2) You will get to explore a new location.

Many people love the idea of being able to explore a new location. Perhaps that have always lived in the country and they have longed to be in the big city. Perhaps it is the opposite, and they have wanted to be in a more rural location.

Maybe they want to study abroad or just meet different types of people or explore a different culture. Different locations give such a different experience.

Many people of this age long for new experiences, and going away can give them exactly that.

3) It will allow you to gain independence.

Many people want to go away to college to help provide independence. They want to know what it is like to be on their own and have the freedom of making their own decisions, doing what they want, etc.

When people stay home, a lot of times they still have their parents hovering over them, even though they are now older.

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Many students like the idea of being able to have this freedom and finally come into their own.

4) You can experience a college town.

Unless you live in a college town, which most of the use do not, you can only have that experience by moving away.

There are many exciting things about a college town. There are many people your age, and many things are geared towards you.

You can live in a dorm room and make many friends that you might keep forever. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

There are many advantages to going away to college. Consider the aforementioned benefits mentioned above when making your decision.