5 Steps to Get Over Your Fear of Freshman Year

You feel your heart pounding out of your chest as you approach your first class. Your palms begin to sweat profusely, and everything seems to move in slow motion. You swallow air as you prepare to walk through the doors, and you see what looks like millions of unfamiliar faces. All eyes are on you. You feel the students checking you out from head to toe, and you nearly freeze when you hear a faint voice in the background. ” Mr. Williams?” ” Hello, Are you David Williams”? You reply timidly ” Ye….s”. ” Welcome to Psychology 101.” ” I’m Prof. Jacobs.” ” Have a seat.”

The college freshman is often full of fear and apprehension. This is attributed to the lack of experience and uncertainty that is accompanied with being in college for the first time. A new endeavor is often exciting and frightening at the same time. However, there are ways to conquer your fears. Here is how.

Step 1: Face your fears

The word “fear” stands for ” False evidence appearing real.”

The best way to relieve the anxiety associated with becoming a freshman in college is to become one. Attend college for one day and you will have a totally different perspective on it. This is no different than going to work for the first time or flying a plane for the first time. Most fear originates from not knowing. If you go to school and take in the experience, you will realize that it is not as bad as you thought. This is the first step.

Step 2: Make friends with one person

Once you get through your first day of school, make it your priority to get to know one person from one of your classes. This will make the experience easier. It helps if the person is a freshman as well. Knowing that someone is going through the same type of experience at the same time will put you at ease. You are not alone.

Step 3: Enlist the support of family members

It helps to have the support of family around you. Confide in the parent you are closest to. Let them know how you feel and open up. Call your aunts and uncles and let them know how your experience is going. They will appreciate the time you took to let them in.

Step 4: Attend the mixer

A “mixer” is an event geared toward new college students. It helps other college freshman’s get to know each other. During the mixer, there is music and refreshments. Take the friend you met earlier. It is easier when someone is with you. After the mixer, you will feel more comfortable and be more settled.

Step 5: Get involved

It helps to get involved with activities at school. Trust me. When you are a freshman, it is simple to stay in your room and watch television all day. The hard thing to do is get out and come out of your comfort zone. Browse the college bulletin board and see what’s going on. There is something for everyone. Get involved and be an integral part of your student body.

Being a freshman in college is once in lifetime experience. It will mold you into a stronger person. Do not spend it in fear. Fight your fears and have the greatest experience you can. You only get one chance to be a freshman in college. Embrace it and make it the best time you ever had.


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