5 Bad Reasons to Change Your Major

Last updated on November 27, 2017

When you change your major, you’re altering the course of your future. It might be a good idea for some, but be sure you weigh the pros and cons and are certain you want to forfeit the specialized classes that were focused on a different degree.

1) Your friend convinced you it was a good idea to study puppetry, retail floristry or astrobiology (the search for extraterrestrial life).

Just because you got a little drunk one night doesn’t mean the existential conversation you had applies the following day, and you should immediately go find the weirdest major you can. Unless you’ve always wanted to step outside the box and do something not ordinary. Then by all means.

2) You’re having an “off” day.

Don’t make a drastic statement because you’re angry and announce that you’re changing majors because it’s the only thing to do. Escape from life for a few hours and go sit in nature somewhere by a stream or a peaceful place with lots of sun light. Dig deep and decide where your depressive feelings stem from.

Don’t change majors just because you got a bad grade.

3) Your teacher doesn’t like you.

If you’re enjoying your studies but a teacher is giving you a hard time, try to switch classes or talk to someone in authority about it. You won’t find a major without some difficult teachers.

4) It’s really, really hard and you’re practically failing.

College is hard. Remind yourself of the end goal. Do you really want to get there? Getting “there” takes work. Giving up is easy. If you chose this major because it would result in your dream job, don’t give up without a fight. Get a tutor and learn how to study.

Changing majors won’t make the classes easier if you haven’t found the right method of studying. Find a study group and use them for accountability and preparation help.

College expectations often don’t match up with reality and it’s hard to get into the rhythm of school work and motivation.

5) That major looks better than this one.

That major will make more money. People make fun of this major. You want to major in the same thing as your boyfriend.

The people in that major get the cool lecture hall: Evaluate your priorities and feel out if you chose your major because you had a passion for that industry, or if it was because you took your parent’s advice or drifted into what was expected.


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