4 Tips To Help You Survive Sorority Recruitment

Last updated on November 27, 2017

Fall term is only a few days or weeks away depending on where college is located. For freshmen young women across the USA this means one thing: Sorority recruitment. Known as Sorority Formal Fall Recruitment, this week long event seeks to provide every girl the opportunity to learn about each sorority as the members learn about each potential new member. The selection process can be tough, confusing and heartbreaking but that shouldn’t discourage one from not continuing the week.

1. Be prepared

This can mean multiple things. Formal recruitment is generally the same from campus to campus, but the specifics are unique. Thus, make sure all guidelines are read correctly, forms are signed and sent in and any fees paid on time. There is nothing more of a killjoy than being pulled aside due to not completing one of these things. It can stop the offer of a bid, it could even request for removal from the recruitment process. Formal recruitment is strictly held once a year during the fall only. If joining a sorority is a priority, don’t miss out on the only week to do so.

2. Plan outfits ahead of time

We’re not talking the night before either. Looking good is important for first impressions. Planning the week long wardrobe a couple of weeks in advance will do wonders for sleeping well at night. The outfits don’t have to be brand new or designer name quality, but they should reflect one’s personality and be clean, neat and appropriate. Most formal recruitments will provide the ‘rushees’ with suggestions for what to wear throughout the week. Outfits should move from business casual to formal cocktail wear. Don’t have any idea of where to start? Ask your friends! Maybe some of them have already gone through formal recruitment on their campus. Again guidelines should also be provided, check out the National Panhellenic Conference’s website, they might have photos of appropriate suggestions for what to wear. Make-up should be what one normal wears, this is not the time for trying eyeliner when one has never done so before! Wear hair down and accessories should be kept to a minimum. Impress them with good fashion sense; win them over with your great personality.

3. Keep up with normal habits

Drink plenty of water, (water is provided throughout the day-always accept just don’t drink all at once) try to eat balanced meals and get lots of rest. Talking is exhausting; water will help one from losing their voice, eating regularly will keep energy up for the entire day and sleep just makes everything better. The emotions put into the week will upset the body more than one may realize, but by keeping up with good eating habits it will help combat the stress.

4. Have fun!

It may seem a silly thing to say, but formal recruitment is an exciting experience. It’s a chance to meet new people and make new friends in one’s rush group. Keep an open mind, stay true to yourself and don’t give up if a favorite house doesn’t ask to see you back. There are other houses that are interested and by giving them the attention you might see a new home when you were distracted by another.

Final Word

At the end of the day, the important thing to remember is that sorority and fraternity reputations change every couple of years as new members come and grow. Joining a sorority can be a wonderful experience, but trusting in the recruitment process is the first step to finding the right sorority for you. Not what you thought it would be? It’s ok, you don’t have to accept the bid. Good luck everyone that participates in Formal Fall Recruitment!


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