4 Tips to Get Free College Applications

Getting admitted to a college can be overwhelming and stressful for many high school seniors – after all, there are many activities to attend to prior to the actual application such as reviewing for the final exams, attending to extracurricular activities and preparing for the graduation ceremony itself. However, the challenges do not end with these activities as the application process can also get daunting and free college applications just don’t fall from the sky.

Yet the pressures involved in the whole application process are not just for the student to bear. The doting parents who have supported him/her from preschool to high school are now about to worry about the costliest level of education for their child. A printable college application, alone, can easily cost anywhere from $40 to $60.

Surely college applications can get costly, but there are now many schools that offer free applications. See if you can also save money by following these tips.

Have the Proper Connections

Relatives or friends of people who have graduated from certain colleges can also be given free college applications. In Massachusetts, particularly at the Western New England University, students are given free applications if they have parents or grandparents that used to attend the said school. Securing a letter of recommendation from any graduate from this school also means getting a free application.

Road Trips Can Spell Savings

There are times when merely showing up means you get to apply for free. This is the case with Alfred University where school officials waive application fees for those who apply in person. This is the school’s way of showing their appreciation for families who take the time to see the campus prior to the actual application.

Save Money by Searching for Vouchers

Applications that are submitted online can score free submissions at various colleges. The leading colleges that offer free college applications are Washington and Jefferson College, as well as the Upper Iowa University, Juniata College, Millikin University, Kettering University, York College of Pennsylvania, Mercyhurst College, Smith College, Drake University and Barry University.

Such schools often advertise that they are waiving application fees for their online applicants. If you keep your eyes peeled, there are vouchers that can easily waive fees once you submit your application.

Check out NACAC

Another place to look for discounts or fee waivers is at the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) website. There, you will find a form that is called the “Request for Application Fee Waiver.” A student needs to fill this out and then hand it off to their high school counselor to add some additional information. By filling out this document and meeting the required criteria, you can get up to four college application fee waivers.

It surely pays to utilize any useful information that you can get your hands on in terms of free college applications. Take the time to ask around and scour the Internet, though the amount may not be substantial when compared to your college loan, saving even a small amount can still alleviate any college applicant’s ailing finance.


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