4 Tips for Staying Focused in College

How’s a student supposed to stay focused when there’s so much fun to be had? It may not be easy, but there are ways one can stay focused. Here are 4 different techniques on how to stay on track this term.

1. Set a goal

Sometimes the best way to stay focused is to set your sights on exactly what you have to do. Do you have five assignments due this week? Set each assignment as a separate goal. Make a list ranking the goals and go from there. By breaking up what needs to get accomplished, it’ll help elevate the pressure allowing for your focus to not get sidetracked.

2. Unplug the Internet

Seriously, students spend a lot of time doing nothing the Internet. Need the internet to study, translate or writing up references? That’s fine but there’s still plenty of work that can be done without it. Unplug, take a deep breath and let your concentration come flooding back. Do it in small doses. Try for half an hour at first, then move on to an hour. Without the lure of distraction, your focus will be sharp making the task at hand easier to complete.

3. Take breaks

Use a timer. Have a friend keep an eye on the time. Taking breaks during studying will allow the brain to handle a long term session. Breaks also serve as a motivational tool; they’re a reward after a task is completed. Just think of the ultimate break when you’ve completed everything for the evening! You’ll also be preventing your brain from a burnout, causing you to be able to complete more work than someone doing an intense, high pressure all nighters.

4. Track your progress

Make list, spreadsheet or calendar, whatever you need to have a visual that works for you. Why? Because the best part of tracking progress is when you get to cross the tasks off the list! It will make you feel accomplished, which is motivating and you’ve also got something to show others to brag about how focused you were!

It can be easy to become overwhelmed no matter what year or degree subject you’re studying. It’s fall term, the nights are getting darker earlier and the clocks will change soon. What’s important to realize is that establishing good study habits this term will benefit you for the rest of the year. Use this term to determine what works for you. Even if you’re a seasoned studier, take the opportunity to revamp your study style. Try to make it more career oriented. It’s never too early to start things of ways to spin your traditional positively on your resume!


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