When to Take an Internship?

Internships are increasingly becoming more and more important to all levels of students. The valuable work experience is only the tip of the iceberg. Making contacts to network with for the future is almost as important as doing the work itself. Doing the work, and doing it well, is the first step to make a good impression during your internship. Next is making friends with who have seen how you work and would better yet, recommend your talents before or when the important job market search begins. When is the best time to undertake such a task? Our student editor Ashley breaks down the options.


Undertaking a Fall Term internship isn’t the best option for freshman, as it’s their first year and they’ll have enough on their plate to adjust too. However, if AP classes have played into account, or the student has participated in running start, then Fall Term is an excellent time to jump start their after graduation prospects as they already have some credits under their belt already. Fall Term tends to be one of the toughest terms for students. Coming out of summer there may be been part-time jobs, a study abroad or just staying at home and hanging out with friends. It’s a lot to take on when transitioning back to the college format. An internship during Fall Term is best taken on by those students coming out of a summer job, or better yet has the option to earn college credit (usually sophomore to senior range).

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Winter Term is an excellent time to take on an internship. For a freshman, they’ve learned how to handle the university schedule and could now take on a proactive role. All students in any year should be encouraged to intern during winter quarter because it’s before the crucial summer crunch. By interning before the highly sought after summer internship period, students can get a heads up on what opportunities will be available. Better yet, actual jobs may be available and interning can allow for a better chance at having a shot at an actual real life job experience for the summer!


Summer term is truly the best time of year to become an intern. There are no classes to distract from the tasks at hand (unless you’re enrolled in summer term). There are usually more options to intern at a wider range of companies during the summer. It also provides a futuristic look for students as to what life can be after graduation. This makes the Summer Term a perfect time to experiment with what possible careers a student may or may not be interested in.

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When concerning internships, all experience is good experience. If there’s a chance to earn college credit through an internship, go for it. The opportunity to get hands-on training while earning credit is never a bad idea. With the state of the current economy, it’s vital for students to participate in activates that lead to transferable skills for a resume. ‘Going to class’ is not going to stand out to an employer. Make time to check out our university career’s center or speak to a guidance counselor, it’s never too late to get started!