Warnings for College-Bound Families

Last updated on November 15, 2017

Read on to discover what they:

1. Grades

The sense of relief that comes with college acceptance can give students and parents a false sense of security.

True, there is room to relax a bit, but final semester grades still matter to colleges. Skipping the term paper really isn’t a wise move.

Turning in senior projects, fulfilling last minute volunteer hours, and taking final exams can affect graduation and a college future.

Hang in there—summer break is right around the corner.

2. Senior Pranks

Yes, seniors rule, but even well-meaning senior pranks can get students in hot water.

From expulsion to arrests, the repercussions of senior pranks gone bad have led to parent and student disappointment all the way around.

3. The Party Circuit

This is a time for celebration and the student party circuit can seem never ending.

Student-parent dialogues should focus on safe party behaviors including driving safety, sobriety, and the dangers of underage drinking.

4. Shopping Craze

It’s easy to get excited about college life and dorm decorations, but hold onto your wallet until you read the fine print. Most dorms have strict policies on furniture, lamps, and cooking appliances.

Don’t shop ‘til you drop until you know the rules.

5. Food Obsession

Many college-bound students kick into food obsession as they prepare to leave behind hometowns and their favorite meals.

Gourmet chef parents will be persuaded to cook like crazy and the culinary impaired will be pulling out the credit card to cover last minute restaurant tabs that will tide students over until Thanksgiving Break.

Keep exercising, or the Freshman Fifteen will pop up in July.