Tips for Scheduling Classes around your Job

Going to school can be a major commitment of money, energy, and time. Many people realize that the time commitment will be significant, so they do not even bother to think about going to school. Others realize that life may not get any less busy, so they attempt to fit their school schedule in with the rest of their life. Of all the time commitments that people must juggle in life, work is often a major piece of that puzzle. The reason it is a key factor is that many people cannot afford to put education ahead of their job, even if they desire very much to go back to school.

Therefore, here are a few thoughts on scheduling classes around one’s job.

Alternative shifts

For some people, the solution is to work different hours so that classes can be accommodated. The challenge is that some people do not have jobs that allow for alternative shifts. If people have a standard “day” job, they may not have any choice of when they have to work. Another difficulty with working alternative shifts is that school schedules can change on a quarter or semester basis. Therefore, people may find that they have to switch every few months, which can be a hassle and a distraction at work. In certain situations, the supervisor may allow the worker to get out a bit early and attend class, as long as it does not disrupt the work flow. Again, this can turn into a distraction if it becomes a consistent theme or production starts to drop off.

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Evening and weekend

Other people find that going to school is accomplished by attending in the evening and on weekends. Plenty of schools have designed programs around working adults so that they can keep their jobs and pursue a degree. Still, people have to keep in mind that going to work all day and then going to class can be very taxing from a physical and emotional standpoint. Therefore, people have to assess their commitment to education and desire to have “free” time during the week.


Finally, there is the online option, which has become the methodology of choice for many working adults. Taking classes online is perhaps the most flexible in terms of time as many schools allow students to check in various times during the day. However, people have to keep in mind that sometimes online classes actually require more time than “on-ground” classes because they have to make up for class time that is not spend in a room. Also, online classes require a certain amount of personal drive since there is not necessarily a fixed meeting time. In addition, everyone does not enjoy the online format, as it lacks the “interpersonal” interaction that some people really love in the classroom.

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Overall, people who truly want to go to school will find a way to make it work in the schedule. Work is a major part of many people’s lives and it cannot simply be set aside. However, more and more people are going back to school and businesses are increasingly seeing the value of an educated workforce. Therefore, companies are helping people make it work so that people can go back to school and pursue their education.