The Amazing Benefits of a Clear Desk

A desk piled high with scattered notes, week old snack wrappers, random post-it notes, and a few coffee mugs from last nights cram session – we’ve all been there. This environment however, is no place to lay down the books. Instead, take the time to clear off a workspace for better efficiency while studying. You’ll work more efficiently this way.

Benefits a clear desk can provide…

  • More workspace – A larger workspace means you can spread out your notes and textbook while you are studying for a test.
  • Fewer distractions – A jumbled desk is no place to be studying. Too many distractions can easily cause the mind to wonder. The only thing your eyes should be looking at is your study material. Trash and other items – especially cell phones, are nothing but in the way.
  • Better organization – Having to scrounge through a disarray of notes and other junk can kill an otherwise productive study session. This is why it’s important to always keep a clear desk. No more getting your notes mixed up with the scattered paper covering your desk.

Tips for a Clear Desk

  • Get out study materials for one subject at a time.
  • Use some kind of cabinet or other storage system close to your desk to store items, rather than leaving them on your desk.
  • Clear the desk before you start using it.
  • Use stacks. For example stack papers with like papers, and textbooks in separate piles.
  • Leave the eating for the kitchen, or at least another table.

An Example Desk

  1. Lamp – Provides good lighting.
  2. Notes – For reviewing, as well as recording new information.
  3. Textbook – To reread and review chapters.
  4. Computer – Great study tool, but can be abused.

What do you think?

Can having a clear desk provide you with a better atmosphere to work in? What kind of work environment do you prefer?


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