6 People You Need to Meet on College Campus

They are on every campus, and they are often overlooked by most college students though they can provide a more than inconsequential helping hand to make you stay at the college just a little easier.

1. Your professors

They give you the grade, are experts in their field and are often required to hold open office hours to help students. They enjoy nothing more than students who are interested in what they know and appreciate the time they spent learning it. Pay attention to what they teach and don’t be afraid to ask them for help.

2. The Reference Librarian

Often a quirky guy, the reference librarian is almost always sitting in the library waiting to help students. A good reference librarian can usually find the exact source you need to make or break your paper and can find it in places you never knew existed.

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3. The Pizza Guy (delivery)

Few people know that tips, as in what you should give the pizza guy is an acronym for “to insure prompt service.” Tip him well and consistently and you will never starve waiting for your pizza to come.

4. The Pizza Guy (cafeteria)

Strike up a friendly conversation with him when he pulls your meal out of the oven and cuts it. If you have a taste for an unusual combination of topping and a birthday coming up he may be able to oblige you.

5. Your Dorm’s Resident Assistant (RA)

If you forget your keys there will invariably be one to unlock the door to the building for you. If you know enough from a variety of dorm buildings you can go anywhere.

6. The Alumni Who Donate Money to the School and Visit Campus Regularly

You never know which one is the one that on a whim paid for the school to build an entire new building on a whim. They hold more sway than anybody else on campus. Just say hi, strike up a friendly conversation and they might decide to pay for your education on a whim.

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