Should I transfer to a school closer to my boy(girl)friend?

No. You chose your college for a reason (probably several) and just because you miss someone, you shouldn’t disregard what has gotten you here in the first place. Also, college does funny things to people. First, it introduces them to new people. Second, it changes their interests, romantically and otherwise. Third, it often makes them GU (geographically undesirable). So, as hard as it is to hear, this relationship may not last very long whether you are closer or not. This is not to say that pre-college love never lasts, because I know you’re saying, “We’re different.” Sometimes it does happen. There are people who date in high school, make it through four years of college apart, and get married. It does happen. But it does not happen often. Even if you are able to maintain the relationship, the new distance or time constraints may be hard to handle. DON”T coop yourself in your room reminiscing. Doing so will only remove you from what’s going on around campus and make you more lonely. Getting involved in new friendships will help the pain also. Take advantage of the counseling center too. There are people all over campus just waiting to help you when you are down.

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