10 Reasons to Go to Graduate School

May is the month that signals the end of spring and beginning of summer. Students across the country, and across the world, are graduating from colleges and universities.

While many recent graduates go out into the world searching for careers, some are less certain of their futures. For those uncertain about their futures whether they be recent graduates or currently employed, graduate school might ease an unsure mind.

If you are unsure about grad school, here are some reasons why it might be right for you.

1. Enhance and Upgrade Your Education

If you are a recent college graduate, grad school is a great way to enhance and improve the skills you have already learned while obtaining your bachelor’s degree. Also for the seasoned professional, grad school is a great way to upgrade your already existing knowledge.

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2. Greater Earning Power

On average people with a master’s degree or higher, earn more than their coworkers who have just a bachelor’s degree.

3. Teaching Opportunities

Many graduate students will have the opportunity to teach undergraduate courses and to teach at the collegiate level one must have at least a master’s degree.

4. Research Opportunities

Often you will have the chance to be apart of university-funded research, some of which might even be your own.

5. Advance Your Career

A graduate degree can open many opportunities in many industries.

6. Career Change

People often become disillusioned with their current career and returning to school can help them achieve their goals. Going to grad school can help you achieve your new goals.

7. Increase your chance of future promotion

Obtaining a graduate degree might not always lead to a high starting salary, but it helps open up opportunities down the road.

8. Employer Incentives

Some companies will set aside funds to help its employees return to school.

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9. Resume Enhancer

Simply put, a grad degree looks real good on your resume; it can give you an edge on other candidates.

10. Because You Want to Challenge Yourself

Graduate school is no walk in the park, but those willing to challenge themselves by working hard will further their education and skills and be richly rewarded.