How to Survive a 3-Hour Night Class

Every now and then you’re going to be forced to take a 3 hour night class because some professors seem to enjoy teaching you something boring right around the time you want to relax and home and watch some TV. Well if that’s the case, here are some tips on how to survive a 3 hour night class.

  • Know ahead of time what you’re expected to listen to by checking the syllabus and doing the assigned reading.

That way, if your brain takes a mental holiday, you’ll still be able to contribute solid evidence for class participation. Looking smart early leaves you plenty of time to zone out and drool on the desk later.

  • Take periodic bathroom breaks for mental rest.

Going to the bathroom is a good excuse to sit and not listen to the droning lecture in the other room. You can also use your iPhone to text your friends and try to splash your face with water now and then so you look more alert than you feel. Just make sure you take reasonable breaks, otherwise, the professor will catch on quick.

  • Either get dinner before the class and eat a hefty meal or bring lots of munchies.
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Nothing is more distracting than the gnawing hunger of an empty stomach during a math lecture. Most professors don’t want to be in class either, leading them not to hand outbreaks in the middle of class and rushing through without a question and answer session.

  • Dress appropriately for the weather inside the classroom, not outside.

A lot of campuses keep the heat or air conditioning on regardless of the weather outside and this is really uncomfortable when you’re trying to concentrate.