How To Select A Good Argumentative Essay Topic

When one looks at essay writing, it’s easy to see that all of them are essentially argumentative. The argumentative essay is very broad in that there’s no one specific format to follow, unless the professors have specifically stated what the format is.

While the student may not be aware that even when they’re not actively arguing something, they’re always taking their own stance on a topic rather than another. But many students over-think the argument that they’re going to have which is fine, however creating something from nothing is also a great way to make an interesting paper. Here are some ways to come with easy argumentative essay topics.

Passion For The Argument

One way to start looking for easy topics can come as early as preparing for the paper. A student who sides with everyone, who agrees to most everything and doesn’t have the passion for the argument is overwhelmed with providing an opinion before the reader. It can be a very personal thing. It should be confronted however to make for a good read.

Even something simple can be argued and it is a initially a skill to be able to do that. The student should go all the way with it and make something that wasn’t interesting at first, very interesting to grab the reader’s attention. It’s good to build up some energy for the argument where the author puts themselves on the side they would have never taken before. All for the reader.

Where To Look For Topics

From the time the assignment is given, it’s very easy to start noting down some ideas about which topics to cover.

  • Return to a previous argument: The student should review any discussion they’ve had with friends or family. These could be fairly recent serious discussions. A unconventional approach could be to take something that’s perhaps a touchy subject, within reason.
  • See it from the opposite viewpoint: By seeing things from the other side of the table, the author of the essay could come up with new topics to argue they may not have considered before from their own point of view.
  • Watch Opinion Shows: news programs are not always very interesting to the student, but if they tune into an opinion program that’s arguing a topic, new ideas will come to the surface that were at first hidden.

All of these options are very easy to pursue for originality and because they’re largely accessible to make for a very strong argumentative essay.


The type of argumentative essay a student creates has a lot to do with the passion within the student to argue certain points that everyone can relate to. When first confronted with an assignment to make the argument, it’s easy to come up with something that has probably been argued before that the student would not want to cover, but this opportunity should be seized at at once.

The reason for this is that every student has a different viewpoint of the topic and can turn it into something new for a reader to discover. The point is for its author to discover this too.


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