How To Best Utilize Your Dorm Room Space

A dorm room isn’t quite like a five-star hotel. You are probably not going to have a lot of room, and you want to utilize it the best that you can. Consider the following strategies to help you.

Use closet organizers

You might be able to fit a lot more into your closet if you use some sort of organizing system.

For instance, let’s say you just have a lot of shirts to hang, but then you will have empty space beneath it and not enough drawer space. You can buy some inexpensive plastic drawers or some simple wooden shelves on the bottom and be able to fit in a lot there.

If you need more room to hang things, then you can buy a second pole that hangs from the top one and can basically double your hanging space. They also have many other hanging closet organizers. You can find these at stores like Bed Bath and Beyond as well as on the Internet.

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Use a loft bed

If you have the option, then a loft bed can give you a lot more space. You can even put your entire desk under the bed. With your bed lifted up, there will be much more space to put in different items; otherwise, the space is just wasted. If you cannot make it into a loft, then you might be able to put something underneath the bed to at least utilize that space. You might be able to raise the bed at least a little bit.

Try to hang things on the walls

You might be able to store a lot more in your dorm room if you hang stuff on your walls.

For instance, if you have a lot of hair clips, then instead of filling up a drawer with them, hang a ribbon on the wall and clip them all to them. They may be some simple shelves that you can put in to hang things.

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Make sure to take into account what you are allowed to do such as attaching things to the wall, but often you might be able to easily repair the walls when you are done, and you can get a lot more fit in.

Be organized

You can fit a lot more in if your room is organized and clean. If your dirty clothing is strewn all over the floor, then it might be more difficult to fit than if it is neatly in a hamper in the closet. With such a small space, even a little mess can quickly look bad.

Use different organizational items like filing cabinets

You will find many great storage solutions such as filing cabinets and drawer sets. Look at stores like Target to see what might be available.

With careful work, you can effectively utilize your dorm room space and fit a lot more in. Consider the following strategies for using this room.

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