How Golf Can Land You a Job

Although the prospect of learning to play golf may sound daunting, the benefits of being a golfer—both from a personal and professional standpoint—can be hugely impactful. For those who have struggled hitting a ball on the range, you may be thinking:

Golf? I am terrible at golf—how could I possibly play on the course?

Well, truth be told, the majority of people in the real world are new to the game just like you. Oftentimes, people start playing golf too late in life and cannot reap the benefits of the game as a student.

Don’t be discouraged. Even for those who have never played before— your swing will always look better than Charles Barkley’s, so there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

From Golf course to Career Opportunities

Those who have only seen golf as a traditional old man’s game cannot begin to comprehend the magical bond created between two friends who struggle through the trials and tribulations of navigating the course. It’s worth noting that the average golfer is not Tiger Woods or Shooter McGavin (from Happy Gilmore, of course).

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In reality, the traditional golfer is a business man or woman trying to escape the stress of the corporate world, as golf courses are flooded with entrepreneurs and business professionals in varying careers. While a discussion around what folks do and how they made their money is not unusual, on the golf course, there is no profiling or interview process.

What you will find, though, are countless opportunities to meet your future boss. The golf course is like a nonstop career fair that people actually enjoy going to. With the typical round of golf lasting four hours, you have time to develop a lasting relationship that can at least add a connection to your LinkedIn network.

Try It Now!

For those not sold on playing, one can still reap the career-oriented benefits of this game by working in the golf industry. Taking up caddying or working in a pro shop are two ways you can get to know successful individuals without having to hit the ball in the fairway consistently.

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Not only will business leaders pay you a nice tip, but they will also seek your approval, ask for your opinion, and share stories about life that can help your career. Don’t be the businessman or businesswoman who says:

I wish I started playing golf when I was younger.

Give it a try! At a minimum, keep an open mind for the marvelous yet horrifying game of golf. Who knows—maybe you will find love in a hopeless place.