Benefits of Taking Summer Classes During College

Last updated on November 27, 2017

For many college students, even the suggestion that they would take summer classes brings a shudder. They have already worked hard for nine months to master various subjects and spent endless hours studying and attending classes. They are more than ready for a twelve week reprieve in which they can just relax and refresh for the following year. Upon taking a closer look, however, the advantages to taking summer college classes may just outweigh the loss of that desired break.

The following are some of the advantages of taking summer classes for the college student.

Learning Continuum

When you take that three month long break from school, you are going to forget a fairly good chunk of what you’ve learned the prior semester. While this may not bother you so much if the class is a stand-alone one, such as many of the electives are, it will present a problem if the class is one of a series, such as a foreign language class. You may have to waste a portion of your time, upon returning to school, in refreshing past lessons learned.


Some colleges will offer discounts on their summer classes. This is done to encourage enrollment during this time that is traditionally taken as a vacation. The college wants to continue making money through the summer and by offering a discount to students, they will increase the odds of having decent class sizes and increase their bottom line financially at the same time.

Used Book Availability

When the spring classes come to an end, many students will be selling their books to the college bookstore for resale. The bookstore will be at its peak in used books when the summer classes are getting ready to start. College textbooks are necessary, but they are also very expensive with many running well over one hundred dollars to purchase new. Being able to find the book that you need used is going to save you a ton of money and provide you with all of the same information as the new one would have.

Faster Degree

Of course, the final goal of the college student is to get that degree that will take him or her into their chosen career field with all of the knowledge and qualifications that are going to be required. The sooner that the degree is in hand, the sooner that the money will begin to make its way to you in the career you desire to be a part of. By taking college classes, you will have that degree sooner and can actually shave about a year off of a bachelor’s degree.

Smaller Classes

With smaller classes during the summer months, there is going to be more personalized instruction and more time to access the professor, as he or she will be working with fewer students. This is especially helpful if there is a class that you anticipate will be difficult or that is a subject matter you have struggled with in the past.

Summer classes, for the college student, can be a great boost to many aspects of their educational career. There will be a chance to save some money, to get through the degree requirements in less time, and to have more attention from the instructors. There are many advantages to enrolling in summer classes, and for some students, these advantages are worth more than any vacation could ever be.


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