Benefits of Going Back to School as an Adult

Going back to school can be a very scary and intimidating idea. Just thinking of the late night studying, research papers, finals, etc. is enough to give anyone a panic attack. Not to mention the cost of going back to school, finding the “right” school for you and how long you will have to attend to reach your goals. It’s enough to make an individual throw in the towel and just continue in their low paying mundane job.

Who really wants to go through all that again anyways, right? Well, there are some real benefits to continuing one’s education.

1) For starters it is a well-known fact that those who have a degree earn more than those who do not.

Research has shown that the relationship between compensation and education level is becoming more and more prominent.

On average a person with a bachelor’s degree earns twice as much over a lifetime than someone who has only a high school degree. And even more outstanding is the fact that a person with a masters degree earns $31,000 more per year than a high school grad. That can be the difference of 105%!

2) Employers have increasingly used degrees and diplomas as a way to screen applicants.

If you are someone who is in a career that just “pays the bills” and is yearning to start a new path then most often going back to school is a must.

Sometimes there can be nothing more depressing then wanting to apply for a job, knowing you have the skills and know-how but are unable because of that little thing called a Degree!

3) Once you’ve decided to take that plunge, the next step is figuring out the logistics.

Many companies now will pay for you to continue your education. How great is that!

Also, you can continue your current job and go to school so that there is no loss of pay. Many of the tops schools now offer, night, weekend only, hybrid (online & on campus), and online only classes. Some degrees can be accrued solely online.

It takes time to research the different options but once the right one is found, things become easier.

4) The new challenge that being a student again will bring can only enrich your life.

  • You will have personal growth because you will truly feel that you are accomplishing something that will benefit you for years to come.
  • You will have intellectual growth, obviously, because of the new skills you will be acquiring and once you have that degree in your hand, the options of higher paying jobs will become broader.

In conclusion, the decision to go back to school can be a stressful one, but one that will enrich your life in ways that you have not even thought of.

Knowledge is power, and an individual can NEVER have TOO much knowledge.

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