Advice for Single Parents Returning to College

Last updated on November 28, 2017

It is not easy for a single parent to return to college. And yet it can be vitally important for it can open many doors for the rest of your life. The following advice may be of use.

1) Be positive about this move.

A lot of single parents are used to being the most important force in their child’s life, and this will not change. They may feel guilty for any time that they spend away from their children.

Obviously, college takes up a lot of time. It is important to realize that you may be doing this as much for their future as for yours if it allows you to get a better paying job and to feel better about yourself.

Be proud of yourself and let go of the guilt.

2) Make sure that you always make advanced plans for your child.

As a single parent, you do not have a second parent to take over when you are at college. You do not want to be anxiously trying to make plans for him or her at the last minute.

If your child is in school, then obviously try to plan as much as possible your classes for then. Otherwise, make sure that you have someone you trust to watch your child. Make these plans early so that you can be comfortable. You may want to come up with a backup plan if you have something that you must attend such as a test.

3) Try to be efficient in your studies.

Many single parents are always thinking of their children. It is important that you focus on your studies while working on them, however.

You do not want a college assignment to take twice as long (and take away more time from your child) because your mind was wandering. Try to avoid distractions while you are working such as the telephone or Internet.

4) Carefully choose your program.

Some college programs are much more flexible, which might work for a single parent.

For instance, a lot of them allow you to watch some classes on the Internet. You may be able to watch while your child is next to you. Of course, there are some online based programs.

Make sure that you have something that will work with your schedule as a single parent.

5) Get help.

You may not always be able to do it on your own. Even though you are a single parent, there may be sources where you can get help. You may have other family or friends who can watch your child. Of course, you can also try to find a babysitter or mother’s helper. Even if these can be expensive, if they will allow you to do your college studies effectively then they may very well be worth it.

Going back to college as a single parent can be difficult. Try to be as organized as possible to save time. Utilize the above advice in this endeavor as well.


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