5 Ways to Be Frugal in College

Lots of college graduates know what it’s like to exist on ramen noodles and Kool-aid during some of the tougher financial times at school. Living off the generosity of mom and dad doesn’t mean you need to spend crazy with incidentals.

In fact, a grateful child should work harder to avoid costly their parents additional funds.

College students often get part-time jobs to supplement their spending money and “going out” cash. Those students typically learn fast that money doesn’t grow on trees and if they want to make the fun last, there needs to be a budget on spending.

There is no reason why a kid can’t be frugal, especially in college. Here are five tips to keep more cash in your pocket on campus.

1. Live At Home

If this is an option, take it.

Of course, many kids worry about the cramp in their new social life but living at home throughout your college career can help save a ton of money that could be spent on further education or relocation after graduation. Plus, meals and laundry are free.

For kids wishing to contribute, or for parents that want to exercise a lesson in adult responsibility, an agreement regarding monthly expenses and who pays for what is an option.

2. Ride A Bike

If it is not an absolute necessity, leave your car at home. With the rising costs of insurance, parking fees, gas, and maintenance, having a car in college isn’t very cost-effective.

Get a used bicycle to get you to class or the off-campus apartments of your friends. On the bright side, no one can keep bugging you to make the beer runs.

3. Party at Home

College kids like to blow off steam and socialize. Save a lot of money by staying out of the clubs and bars and instead, host a small group of friends at your place.

Ask for contributions towards drinks and foods so you don’t foot the bill all on your own.

4. Look for Paid Job

Some colleges and universities offer paid work experience in different majors. In addition to the extra spending cash, the work experience can be invaluable and looks great on a resume.

5. Flaunt the Student ID

Areas that are accustomed to a large demographic of college students will often house businesses that give discounts for various forms of entertainment, including movie theaters, restaurants, and sporting events.

6. On-Campus Entertainment

Many schools offer free or at least reasonably priced tickets to on-campus concerts and other entertainment outlets.

Check the student union or informational boards for different activities that are sponsored by the college.


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