12 Twitter Tips for College Students

If you’re headed off to college – whether for the first time or as an older student who’s returning – there are plenty of ways for you to be successful. One of them is to use social media, like Facebook and Twitter. You might think things like Twitter are a complete time-waster, but that’s only if you see them that way. Instead, consider how you can use them for good, important, valuable information. Here are 12 Twitter tips for college students.

1. Chat with students and professors in real time so you can ask questions, get information, and find out what you need to know in order to make your college experience successful.

2. Alerts and reminders are available so you don’t forget to go to class, attend a lecture, or take the time to study for exams.

3. You can collaborate on a project – either a formal one or an informal one – through Twitter quite easily, which can help you keep moving forward even when you have other things to do.

4. Continue the discussion or generate a new one. Whether you’re in class or out, understanding professors will encourage you to tweet so that you’re generating ideas all the time and adding to the discussion at hand.

5. Need a reference quickly? Do a keyword search and find what you’re looking for, either from professionals or from other students who are talking about the same kinds of things you’re studying.

6. Talk to other students all over the world. You aren’t the only person studying what you’re studying, in your country or others. If you look around, you’re certain to find a lot of other people who will be interested in dialoging with you.

7. Follow a professional. If you’re interested in a particular industry or profession, find some of the people in those industries or professions and follow them. You can learn a lot that way.

8. Learn about other teachers and classes before you sign up, so that you know what you’ll be getting into. It’s a great way to have a ‘heads-up.’

9. Track packages so you know when books, care packages from home, or other items will show up.

10. Update your blacklist to cut down on time wasted on spam and on users who are just plain annoying. Block them all.

11. Network. Don’t just post random status updates and other things. Get to know people and actually talk to them. Tell them about yourself and learn about them. You can get some great contacts that way.

12. Share links with other Twitter users. This way you’re contributing to the conversation and making sure that you’re staying abreast of what’s happening in your field.

You can use Twitter for a lot more than just finding out what your friend bought at the mall or what your sister had for breakfast. Take the time to really use Twitter as an educational tool and it can help you out a great deal.

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