10 Ways to Get Over Feeling Homesick

It’s ok to feel homesick after the excitement of going away to school has worn off. Often you are homesick before you even leave for school but it is masked as nerves or anxiety. Being homesick does not make you a baby or any less than the students that are not experiencing homesickness. Still, homesickness is something that you can overcome and here is how:

1. Admit That You Are Homesick

Being homesick is a natural response to drastic changes in your living environment, but if you deny being homesick you can’t overcome it.

2. Talk About It

By talking about it with an older sibling that has gone away or a new friend at school, you can learn how they dealt with or are dealing with homesickness. It will be comforting to know that you are not the only one who was or is homesick.

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3. Bring Familiar Items From Home With You

In your new living environment it will be comforting for you to have familiar things that remind you of home. When packing for your dorm remember to bring photos of your friends and family, your favorite pillow, a stuffed animal or even the plant from your room at home.

4. Familiarize Yourself

Walk around the campus or the town. Get to know your surroundings, once you know where your classes are and are familiar with your surroundings you will feel more in control. This will lessen the anxious feelings and allow you to relax.

5. Invite People To Go With You

Making friends is an important part of overcoming the homesick feeling, as well as the entire college experience. Ask your roommate, suite mate or even floor mates to join you in a soccer game in the quad or whatever sport you want to play. It can be dinner or whatever you like to do. It can?t hurt to ask people to join you in the things you like to do.

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6. Keep In Touch

Call your friends and family back home to keep them updated on the things that you are doing and your achievements but put a limit on the calling so you do not become too dependent on talking to them. Instead try writing them letters or e-mails and let them know that you would enjoy hearing from them too.

7. Plan A Visit Home

By planning a visit home you will be less likely to go home every weekend. You have set a goal for yourself to stay at school until your scheduled visit home.

8. Set Reachable Goals

Everyone wants to be the smartest or the most popular, but the truth is that everyone is not. Let yourself laugh at your mistakes and try not to put too much pressure on yourself to be perfect. College is a learning experience, roll with it.

9. Seek New Opportunities

College is a time for new experiences for everyone. Try stepping out of your box and maybe go out for an intermural sports team or drama club.

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10. Do Something

Sitting around waiting for the homesick feeling to go away by itself just won’t happen. You may be able to suppress the feeling for a wile but it will reappear most likely with force too. Take care of the feeling early and you will be happier for it later.