Your role in your child’s kindergarten days

Sending your child to a kindergarten is a big leap that you and your child have to take. The bus stop, school supplies, landscape of rules, and classroom experience, everything can be overwhelming. It is ok to be anxious about this big change. You can rest assured that the child, who is insecure and nervous on the first day, will be excited after some days. There is no doubt about the fact that you always opt for the best Box hill kindergarten. But there are some tips and tricks which can make this transition easier for both you and your child.

  • Give your child more than ABCs and 123s

Most of the times we feel that knowing ABS and 123 is all your child needs to know before going to a kindergarten. However, there are guidelines which suggest that your child should know a little more. Make your child learn to read small sentences from 2 to 3 words. Teach them how to spell and write their names correctly. This will not only give them an advantage in the classroom but also makes feel comfortable as the things discussed are known.

  • Involve in-classroom experience
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Find time to talk to your child about daily experience. This will give him confidence in your support. All make volunteer school visits. This is important to know the other aspect of the child’s story. It is also a great chance to know the teachers and other students.

  • Pack lunch/snacks wisely

Pack the lunch items in easy to open lunch boxes or fruit bags so that your child himself can open them. Make sure that your child knows how to stick a straw in the juice box. The lunch should be interesting for the child. Pack the items which can be eaten quickly.

  • Don’t take anything for granted

There are a few basic things which need your attention. Make sure that the child is comfortable in using toilets and know the bathroom etiquette. There are also some drills like fire and emergency drills which can be often overwhelming for your kid. Make your child aware of these activities ahead of time. Talk to him about what happens in these drills and ensure that there is no need to be scared.

  • Understand if the child feels tired
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Typically the kindergarten is the first school experience for your little one. It is the first place where the child would spend a full day away from the home. This can make the initial days long and stressful.  Try to avoid any activities after school at least for a few initial weeks. Also, set strict bedtime routine to assist them to cope up with the stress.

  • Being emotional is ok

Sending your wee one to the kindergarten is a big change. It is both sweet and bitter experience as your child is going to spend most of the day’s time away. It is normal to feel emotional and there could be tears from both you and your child.

  • Rest assured that your child is ok

Although there will be initial hiccups for your child to adjust with the change, he will be alright after a few days or weeks. Trust the teachers when they tell you about the physical, social, academic, and emotional growth of your child.