Why Is It So Important To Control Computer Room Temperature?

A computer room, or as it is commonly referred, a server room houses multiple machines (notably large ones) that handle computing needs for several companies. It is noteworthy that when in a confined space so many machines co-work there’s likely to be heat generated. And that too at very high temperatures. Although there’s no harm that high temperatures can do to the machinery, as such, there can be several other complications.

Reduced Computing Speeds

Computing chips and memory devices are largely made out of semiconductor materials. These materials are highly sensitive to temperature change. For instance, at extremely low or high temperatures these materials stop conducting current. And it needs no saying that electronic components use electrical signals for communicating and computing complex problems. Simultaneously, these computing devices also produce a lot of heat. To put this into perspective, consider a simple conductor. It produces heat when operated for too long. The resulting heat is simply because of the internal impedance of the conductors and memory devices. Since computer rooms are operational without break, Nortek Air Solutions CRAH services suggest monitoring the temperature of computer rooms regularly. It is quite necessary to pay close attention to the hotspots within the data centers and server rooms.

Dangers Of Fire Accidents

Apart from the reduced efficiency of this equipment, higher temperatures also can lead to fire accidents. Arguably a computer room or a data center has a lot of combustible items such as wires coverings, plastic modules, and so on. These materials can further fuel the fire and cause fatalities within the facility. After all, there’ll be students working at these facilities and their safety is also important. It means temperature monitoring is all the more important for computer rooms and data centers. Moreover, if there happens a fire accident, think of the potential data that could be lost to the crisis. Millions of megabytes of data could just be burned down to ashes. And it could be extremely difficult to recover this data unless there has been made several copies of it.

Increased Power Consumption

Reduced efficiency and increased possibilities of fire accidents are surely alarming for facilities that are responsible for handling data for several companies and industries. But, there’s another reason that cannot be overlooked- increased power consumption. At higher temperatures, the equipment also consumes more energy for performing the same task in attempting to meet the required computing speeds. Besides, higher temperatures would also demand more powerful cooling systems, which would once again consume high energies. However, there is an easy solution to both the problems- installing computer room air handlers for controlling the room temperature continuously. A CRAH is responsible for monitoring and adjusting the temperature automatically, which could reduce both energy consumption as well as the need for human efforts.

There’s no surprise that the modern world is largely dependant on these computer rooms. Besides, these facilities are responsible for handling and allowing access to information to millions of users, globally. Therefore, maintaining a close check on the temperature for these facilities is all the more important for the advancement of human civilization.

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