What Is The Best Time Of The Year To Look For A New Job – Let’s Discuss

Now, you may think that January is the beginning of the new year and that many companies should be hiring around this time, right? Not necessarily the case. This is one of the biggest reasons a lot of people believe that this is the appropriate time to be looking for a new job. Of course, several companies look to fill their vacant job positions and put new initiatives into action. However, just because it is the first month of the year, it does not mean that it is the best time for you to be looking for a new job. There are several factors at play here. Let us have a look at them:

  1. January – Confusing Month For Holiday Sleepers

 This is the perfect month for you to start job hunting if you have been dormant during the festive season and the months leading to it. You’ll have to make up for the lost time by starting earlier than everyone else. Many positions are advertised this month but not every job role gets filled. As pointed out earlier, there will be new goals and initiatives at the beginning of every year but not many hirings. Also, this month just follows the holiday season which means that there is a slightly higher chance of you finding a great job if you scan through all your offers carefully. It is also true that January is the time when the job markets are flooded with job seekers. All in all, it is going to be a mixed bag of a month for job seekers who are motivated to look for greener pastures in their careers.

  1. February, March, And April Can Be Fun
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Now, these are the months when several companies begin new hirings in the earnest. Remember, not every manager would be upbeat about beginning the recruitment process in January. However, things will change as time passes by. In February, March, and April, business operations are still going to be quite busy but the hiring procedures will have begun. The hiring and selection processes are going to peak out by mid-April and if you begin your job search around this time, you are highly likely to land a fantastic offer.

  1. The Months Of May- June May Be Fruitful

These months are ideal for aspirants looking to enter the tourism and hospitality industry. Several companies will have already started scanning through applications. They will be looking to fill up critical job positions all over their departments. Schools and colleges will have already planned for their summer breaks as well. HR managers who could not find the right candidates during the peak months of February to April will now be under pressure. They would be eager to fill in those positions in May and June. Because it is already the middle of the year, you might be able to get a hold of some very critical job positions in the industries that you prefer the most.

  1. Time Is Out, September Is In

September is the month of lost opportunities. Many companies regardless of their industry and their almost finished deadlines find that September brings a lot of stress. During this time annual goals and yearly budgets are evaluated. You will see everyone preparing annual reports and yearly analyses of their achievements and the like. The month of September also sees everyone back in the office, working day and night. They will be focusing completely on the goals and objectives that are still pending. Several job seekers can find highly suitable job roles at the last moment. Do not wait till October because then everyone will start thinking about Thanksgiving and just wrapping things up before the month hits the 15th. You must make the most of this time when numerous managers will be under pressure to achieve their predetermined goals within their respective divisions. Look for openings every week and remember to follow up with the respective human resource managers to get your dream job as soon as possible.

  1. November Means The Cool-Off Has Begun
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You will notice that mid-November hirings may still be a little stronger as compared to what you witnessed in October. The after-effects of Halloween have probably worn off and Thanksgiving is still a little far away. The job market is going to heat up for a little while and this is the time you should send out your résumé. Do not wait till the latter half of November because that is when the festive season is going to kick in.

  1. December Calls For A (Long) Break

If you’ve waited too long, you have already entered December. This is where the regret is going to seep in. The work will have slowed down along with the job searches. No one will be hiring. You might get gloomy and depressed. But things can still change for you. You have to act fast and look for any immediate job openings at the beginning of December. A few companies might still be looking for suitable candidates. They are probably looking to fill several critical positions with suitable prospects before they close down operations temporarily for the festive season. This is the right time to look for a job and also use your industry connections to their fullest potential. Do not forget that many companies would still have an active employee referral program going on. You can spread the word around about the kind of opportunity you are looking for. If you hit the nail on the head and on time, you might just land a great job before the festivities begin.

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And To Conclude

If you are not able to secure a fantastic opportunity in February, March, or April, the next best chance for you will be in September. You will have to make an effort over here to cast a solid and long-lasting first impression. Try not to oversell your skills, qualities, and qualifications. Put your best foot forward and have confidence in your abilities. You should be able to find the job of your dreams sooner than you think.