What Documents Do I Need To Apply For British Citizenship? Find Your List Here

Becoming a British citizen is exciting. You get to live and work in the UK permanently without facing any immigrant restrictions. Permanent British residency also allows you to travel and spend time abroad without the risk of losing your status.

Records show that there were around 200,177 applications for British citizenship in 2021. However, many of these applications get rejected because candidates fail to produce sufficient documents and formalities.

But before we get to the list of necessary documents you need to apply for British citizenship, here are some basic requirements you should know about.

  • You should be above 18 years of age.
  • You should be of a good character, having no history of serious crimes and immigration fraud.
  • You need to meet the necessary English language criteria and pass the “Life in the UK test.”
  • You should be living in the country for at least five years without any absence of 450 days or more.

According to a UK immigration lawyer in the USA, preparing for yourself to become an eligible candidate for British citizenship can be a daunting process. So, make sure you consult immigrant lawyers before submitting your application. They will guide you through the process, maximizing your chances of approval.

That being said, here’s a list of necessary documents you need to become an eligible candidate for British citizenship. Follow along to learn more about them.

  • Evidence of identity

Evidence of Identity is a must to get the application process started. You need a valid passport, travel documents, or birth certificate to prove your identity to the authorities.

In fact, these identity documents would also be required while applying for “Life in the UK” or any other related tests.

  • Poof that you are well settled in the country

People who have migrated to the UK and have successfully built a life in the country are qualified to apply for permanent residency. Living all these years in the country can favor you during the application process and tell the authorities that you are here to stay.

You can use your biometric residence permit or BRB or a settled status letter issued under the EUSS scheme to prove that you have been living in the country for years.

  • Proof that you meet the language and have knowledge of the country’s life

As mentioned earlier, taking a “Life in the UK” test is essential for you to qualify for British citizenship. Make sure you have your test reference ID to prove that you’ve cleared the test with flying colors.

Additionally, it is also important for you to portray that you are well-versed in the English language. For this, you would need to have an English qualification at B1, B2, C1, or C2 level. Having a degree or research in the English language would definitely be an added bonus for your application.

Note: You may also require additional documents if you are applying on the grounds that you are married to a UK citizen. The documents include the marriage certificate and ID of your spouse.

To conclude,

Having necessary documents handy while applying for UK citizenship can boost your chances of approval. So, support your application with the documents mentioned above and reap the benefits of being a UK citizen.