Tips for Homeschooling: Keep Your Children Active and Motivated

Homeschooling in this day and age has become a much more practical option than it was even just a decade ago. Thanks to the rapid advancement of digital technology, homeschooled children do not have to miss out on many of the opportunities that their previous generations did. However, keeping children active and motivated can become an issue.

Social skill development in homeschooled children still remains a problem, as digital interactions and real-world interactions are not the same. Even more importantly, the lack of sufficient physical training and activity can be disruptive for a growing child. Problems such as these can be overcome by knowing how to prevent/tackle the various issues before or when they present themselves. With that goal in mind, we will now discuss a few useful tips to help parents who are either forced to homeschool children due to the pandemic, or choose to for any other reason.

Separate the Schooling Space

The most common issue that homeschooled children and their parents face is that of separating the learning space from the living space. Prevent disorganized behavior and subconscious confusion by separating your children’s learning space from everyday life. Be it a separate room or just a corner of the living room, ensure that all study materials are used and kept in the space.

Maintain the School Routine

If you are not following any schooling program, then you need to divide your child’s daily and weekly school hours into a proper school routine. There should be a routine chart, where daily schooling hours from Monday to Friday are divided into periods for the various subjects. Both children and their parents need to take the routine as seriously as they can, given that it’s an integral part of what creates that sense of organized educational structure.

Do Not Neglect Physical Education

Physical education is not just about fitness for young children, but it is also an important part of learning the necessary social skills as well. Besides, in order for the homeschooling to be valid, there are PE requirements which parents must fulfill as well. Thankfully, it is possible to meet those PE requirements and keep your children actively motivated, even if they are being homeschooled. Contact Skillastics, and sign your children up for one of their afterschool physical education programs. There are also virtual resources that parents can use at home to help their kids actively partake in the necessary physical training.

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As a final tip, we would suggest staying in touch with other homeschooling parents in the community, or even outside it. Collective experience and intelligence from multiple parents can be crucial towards making your child’s education at home a lot more fruitful. In school, there are multiple teachers to share the responsibilities among them, but homeschooling parents do not have that luxury. As such, the more connected you are to other parents in the same boat, the easier it will be to handle the responsibilities and challenges of homeschooling.