Think-12: Main Factors for Enrollment Growth


The enrolment will be impacted by the leadership’s goals, motivations, and personalities, most significantly the head of the institution. Leadership experts Warren Bennis and James M. Nanus think “leadership is the driving force behind prosperous organizations.” The same can be said for the sphere of educational institutions and institutions.

Quality of School Experience

The overall quality of the educational experience is one of the essential variables contributing to a school’s development. Because parents spend a large amount of money to provide their child the best education possible, it is reasonable to assume that their children will receive the best. Therefore, to increase enrollment at your school, you must ensure that every aspect of the student experience is of a high standard. You can always refer to your marketing company like Think-12 on how you can highlight the school’s features.

Vision and School Improvement

Vision and school improvement in essential areas can impact enrollment growth. This could be accomplished by introducing a new iPad one-to-one initiative or developing a state-of-the-art sporting complex, for example.

Staff and Faculty

The members of your teaching staff ought to serve as the primary point of contact between a family and your institution. These teachers and professors are the ones that will instruct and advise the students. This experience will affect enrolment if they successfully deliver an educational program of a high standard and establish a good personal connection with the pupils.

The Contentment of Parents

At least two significant outcomes are impacted by parents’ satisfaction, and both are directly related to students’ decisions to attend. To begin, high levels of parental satisfaction correlate with high levels of student retention. Increased enrollment is a natural consequence of a high retention rate. Second, happy parents will recommend your institution to their friends. This is the power of positive word of mouth! If parents aren’t happy and spread good reviews about your school, you won’t have much luck expanding.

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Word-of-mouth in your community will be fueled, whether positively or negatively, by the experiences of parents, students, graduates, instructors, staff, and contributors. This can be true in either direction. This, in turn, will establish the reputation of your institution and spread the word about it among the general public. The reputation and general buzz that has been going around in the neighborhood will have an effect on enrollment.

Location, demography, and price

The demographics of your neighborhood, the cost of living in that area, and the cost of tuition all play a role in how many students enroll in your school. Is your school’s tuition reasonable for local families? Is there interest from local families in establishing a school? Think about your school’s target population, geographic location, and tuition rates as you explore expansion options. The only practical option, short of relocating your school, is to negotiate lower tuition. Examining your pricing approach from a future viability perspective is essential in light of economic worries and rising school tuition.


The rising number of alternative educational options is a challenge for institutions. The market for schools is fiercely competitive. Public schools are making an effort to improve the quality of their education in order to compete with institutions, and this includes offering specialized, magnet, and I.B. programs to its students.


It only makes sense for a school to have a marketing and enrollment plan in place if it wants to see an increase in student enrolment. However, the majority of schools that I have interacted with still need a strategy in place. You will be able to put into action particular techniques that will have an effect on the expansion of your school if you first develop a deliberate plan for marketing and enrollment.

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Think-12 and Advertising Ideas

Investing in school advertising like coordinating with Think-12, is vital to fulfilling your goals of increasing the visibility of your institution, publicizing the next enrollment season, publicizing an event, or just increasing the number of people who know about your school.

Know your target market

Think about age, locality, and gender first. Second, learn as much as you can about them, whether it is their hobbies, schooling, occupation, or area of study. That way, you can zero in on the precise audience you want to reach with your educational advertising.

Improve website

Once you have your instructional advertisements prepared, the next thing you need is a remarkable landing page, as well as a website that is both practical and simple to navigate. Despite the fact that some potential customers might not interact with your advertisement, those who are seriously interested will want to learn more, and there is a good chance that they will visit your website.

Build a healthy community

These days, the community is more important than ever, particularly among Millennials and other younger generations. As a result, the most effective strategy for trying to win them over is to cultivate a sense of community on various social media platforms. Utilize some of the most well-known sites available, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and make it a point to maintain active engagement with users. If you want people who find your school through your education ads to enroll, they’re going to look you up on social media, where you want to come across as trustworthy and engaging.

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Invest in SEO

You’ll need search engines in addition to social media if you want to reach your audience. This is because many students will look for information on Google, Bing, or Baidu rather than waiting for education advertising to pop up on their social media platforms. Social media is great for reaching your audience, but you’ll also need search engines.

The most successful advertising efforts for educational institutions nearly always include a presence on search engines as well, for the simple reason that this is the quickest and most effective approach to communicate with the target demographic. If you use the right keywords in your education advertisements and come up with some inventive ways to present them, you should have excellent results.

Boost posts

It will be necessary to expand school advertising on social media, particularly on Facebook. Experts like Think-12 will already be well-versed about this but you can attempt boosting it instead of just publishing a post and waiting to see whether anyone engages with it or how many people it will reach. It’s a simple and efficient approach to guarantee that people see your content without having to make an advertisement.