The Ultimate Guide to Buying Family & Friends Christmas Presents

When growing up, Christmas happens to be the best childhood holidays for everyone. The whole family has an opportunity to have plenty of fun, giving presents, getting presents and celebrating Christmas and finally crowing it all with the New Year celebrations. One tradition that for many years has survived the test of time would be the Christmas tradition of giving loved ones personalized Christmas books. This tradition has been passed for many years in many families across the world. In the past people could give out books as Christmas presents, however as more people found the beauty of customizing presents, books become customized too. Giving out a personalized Christmas book has over the years become common; recipients can be any from young kids to the elderly in the family.

The whole aspect of honoring this Christmas tradition that has been embraced globally for many decades is to show your loved one that you dedicated time, emotions and money into the present. That’s why some people shy away from online shopping since it lacks the personal touch of giving out a gift to a loved one. So, how do you get the perfect Christmas present?

Getting the perfect Christmas present can be challenging to many people especially when you have kids involved. This is because kids tend to have a long list of things they want Santa to get them during Christmas. Of course, some of the things in their Wishlist will seem inappropriate. We can’t ignore the fact that kids tend to have changing interests every week. This leaves most people in a dilemma on the best present to get that will completely wow them for the next six months or more. In this article, we will take you through some of the tips useful when it comes to getting Christmas presents and buying Christmas for your loved ones.

Christmas Present for Kids

If you are a parent, then you have to know that 90% of the boys tend to be hyperactive despite the age they are in. You will find one immersed in books, another in sports, another one in technology. They always seem to have a wide variety of interests. When looking for a gift for your son, it’s good to consider the following factors.

  • Interest:

Be very observant on what your child loves doing. Immediately you know where their interest lays, it will be super easy to get them the perfect birthday present.  The other thing would be to look at their hobbies. Be careful to take into consideration their current hobby, lest you buy something for them and they are no longer interested in that activity. When looking at their interests, look at the things that they enjoy playing with, like their favorite toy, and then you can get them the latest model of that. As a parent or a guardian, you have to know what your son loves and what he doesn’t like. If your kid loves reading and is into books, then you can think of the getting them a personalized Christmas book.

  • Age:

When shopping for a kid, it’s very crucial that you take into consideration the age of the child. You don’t want to get them something that will be irrelevant to their age preference. When you visit a toy store, it’s good to check the toys that suit your son’s age. You might want to get him the latest model of a toy, but then it could be too technical for him to operate or enjoy. The teenagers are more addicted to gadgets while the younger ones you can’t go wrong with the hero action figures.

  • TheirFriends:
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The other easy way to know what you can get your child as a Christmas present is by observing what their friends have. Most of the time you will find your son talking about things which another kid or a friend has, and they admire it. Kids always want to be trendy and relevant to their peers and getting them something that will make them socially accepted among their friends should be your idea of a Christmas present.

  • Creativity:

Well you can use gifts to help your kid grow their creativity. For instance, parents who want their kids to spend more time outside will definitely consider getting Christmas presents that involve more outdoor activities: a baseball bat, a bicycle. If you want your kid to explore the world of art and painting then getting them a set of painting tools would be the first step to developing their interest.

  • Sizeandfitting:

It’s always good to make sure that you know the correct size of your child before you purchase the gift. This will save your child from being disappointed. Triple check on the size and consult with the sales agent at the stores so that you get the correct size. When it comes to size and fitting, many parents will opt to make physical purchases and avoid the online option so that they can be sure of the extent they are purchasing. The correct size will also save you from dealing with the stress of returning the present to the vendor and then waiting for more weeks for the right size.

  • Events:

Of course, during the festive season you will find that there are many social events for kids. You can decide to get your son tickets to the famous rock band that he loves. Alternatively, you can organize for him a trip to one of his favorite destinations. This can be the best gift; in case your son has friends, and they have been planning an adventure. However, when you decide to opt for this, it’s good to take into consideration the age and safety of your child.

When it comes to the girl child, the ideas are pretty much the same. The only difference is that girls tend to have a wider variety of gifts compared to the boy child. The online stores are always stocked with many things that you can gift your young female relative this Christmas. Of course, this time around, you will have to replace the action figures with a pretty princess and other beautiful dolls you will find in the stores. However, when it comes to the teenagers, you will have to find the latest and trendiest items.

If you have teenagers in the house, it’s very easy to know when you get them the perfect gift. A wrong gift will be received with rolling eyes and a moody attitude. While the perfect gift will be welcomed with unbelievable ecstasy. To avoid the forced smiles, moody attitude and rolling eyes then it’s best to make sure you have the best Christmas gift.

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As a parent you will notice that the older your kids get, the more expensive their gifts become. You no longer have to worry about coming up with the best personalized Christmas book for them. To be safe take into consideration: what do they want, what do they need, what do they wear and what do they read. With these four pointers, you will find it easier to get gifts for your young one. However, as a parent, you should also take into consideration your budget.

Using A Wishlist

You can never go wrong by using a Wishlist when you want to get Christmas presents for your loved ones. The best way to go about this is by making it a habit as a family to have holiday wish lists. This makes it easier for people to get each other presents for every holiday that will be celebrated that year. The beauty of shopping wish list is that you already know what a person wants; therefore, you have the freedom of getting them the correct present at any time. You have plenty of opportunities to utilize holiday discounts. Make sure you have those birthday wishes and wedding gift lists written down somewhere and kept safe.

Consider the Season and Trends

When shopping for a present, it’s critical to make sure your present is relevant to the season and current trends.  You don’t need to get someone a summer hat when giving out the gift in winter. They might probably forget about the gift when you finally get to summer. However, you can opt to get the gifts early enough since you might not be able to get some gifts during the Christmas season. In addition to that when you buy items that are not in season, you tend to get great discounts.

Homemade Gifts

There is no better way to showcase your creativity to your loved ones, than giving them Christmas presents that you have made on your own. Thanks to the internet there are many DIY gift projects that you can use to make your own personalized gifts. You can even create a beautiful mermaid-themed personalized Christmas book for your young lass. The beauty of homemade gifts is that your creativity is not limited to just presents, you can decide to give your mum a complete kitchen makeover that she has been planning for years. Start the Christmas gift making projects early enough so that you are not caught up with time. Let the project begin a few months before Christmas. Giving someone a customized gift that you have made, is a profound act of love and appreciation. Unlike online gifts, homemade gifts show the receiver that you took your time to make them something special.

Early Planning

Whether you like it or not, giving gifts during Christmas can turn out to be a stressing event if you are not well prepared. Start by coming up with a list of everyone whom you would like to send gifts to. After that, look for their wish list and considering the most appropriate gift for each person. When planning gifts for your family, it’s good to talk to your spouse about everything and consider their opinion, especially where kids and extended family members are involved.  Then get down to the budget. Make sure you don’t overspend too much cash on gifts or else you will suffer a severe financial crisis when you start the New Year.  Early planning involves getting the gifts early enough so that if any gift needs to be mailed, it’s done on time. You don’t want to be part of the crowd that will be scrambling for Christmas gifts in stores and malls on the last day. Early planning will not only make the gift buying and sending more relaxing for you. But also, you will have ample time for you to make any necessary changes that may arise. You can also use the gift shopping time to spend more time with your family during the holiday.

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Gift Wrappers

Well, you can’t send a gift without a gift wrap. Make sure you buy enough gift wrappers. Of course, you will want to surprise your kids on Christmas morning, and that means spending the night wrapping gifts. That’s why it’s important to make sure you have enough gift-wrapping papers. To avoid any wastage, measure the paper before you begin the whole wrapping process. There should be an overlap on every edge of approximately 1 cm. In case you experience any mishaps, have some colorful ribbons close by to cover the mishaps. Give your gifts a more professional look by using the double-sided tape. Don’t fall into the temptation of following every contour of your present, or else you will have a weird looking gift. Instead, make use of the pouch wrapping methods or the tablecloth wrapping technique. If you have any challenge wrapping a gift, get online and find one of the many DIY gift wrapping videos. Stick to the simple and plain gift wrappers. The glittering gift wrappers will leave the glitters all over. You can consider using a gift wrap that is themed depending on the likes of the person you are sending a gift to.

Gift Cards or Letters

As you prepare that beautiful personalized Christmas book as a present, it’s best to accompany it with a Christmas letter or card. The cards are part of the present and should not be ignored. Include a Christmas greetings note in your present which can also function as an invitation card to a Christmas party. It will tell the receiver who sent them the gift and not to mention it’s also common courtesy to send a thank you note.

We hope these important but straightforward tips will help you from this year onwards when it comes to shopping for the best holiday gifts for your loved ones. So that you all have a chance to have a fun filling holiday experience.