The Pros & Cons of using Yahoo Answers for College Research Papers

Yahoo! Answers has been used for quite a while now, the easy and quick way of finding answers is a few clicks away right? Well, usually it is, but then sometimes you have a question that nobody has asked, and sure, you can ask it, but it may take forever for a reply, and even more for a really good reply. Technically using Yahoo! Answers is a good idea, you can see where the view of other people might come in handy, but the website isn’t what we call organized, it’s kind of random, so if you ask a question like, “How does Global Warming impact Marine life in the Atlantic Ocean?”

Sure the question seems simple enough, but it’ not. Especially in college, we are forced to make everything efficient and perfect, you cannot answer a college paper by writing a simple sentence that anybody off the street can tell you about Global warming and Marine life. Sometimes we get lucky and can get good answers, yet other times it takes much more time, and effort to achieve a few pieces of research for your college papers.


  • You are able to get many points of views about things
  • You are able to see people’s perspectives on just about everything
  • You are able to ask any question
  • You are able to get any answer, whether it’s the best or the worst
  • You are able to look at past answers and see if you can find a professor or higher student in a level of education to help you with your question by contacting them
  • You are able to enjoy the resources provided by Yahoo! But most of all you get the chance to get hints and sneak peeks from Yahoo!


  • There are many different people with different levels of education
  • Many, many people do not show their intelligence
  • You might not get a reply on your question within 3 days or more
  • The replies that you get may not be at college level; therefore they may not help you at all
  • Yahoo! Answers is not a very organized a website, in the sense that everybody can reply, and you don’t really have restricitons on what you can post or not, this includes vulgar things and inappropriate ideas for the social world
  • Yahoo! Answers don’t really care about this site, it’s more like they created a chat room, and there you go, ask what you want, do what you want
  • Thought Yahoo! Answers may seem like great place to research, please don’t put all your time and effort into it, because you may be disappointed with poor or no reply on your question
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Author’s Notes: Overall in my opinion, if I am researching for college papers then I think I would want to use comfortable yet intelligent sources, but no offense Yahoo! Answers hasn’t really shown me that. I know that nobody, no website can be perfect, but you can at least try right? But in Yahoo! Answers didn’t really feel as if they made an effort to organize the site, or even kind of put it together to make it seems more professional on the inside, because sure on the outside it’s great, but when you access everything, it’s a much different side that you see.