The Importance of Teaching Letter Formations

Every parent wants their children to excel, and one of the best ways to ensure that your child excels early is to teach them proper writing skills. Studies have shown that merely allowing your child to play with first learning tools, like blocks, is not enough to teach them correct letter formations (Graham, 1999, in Christensen, 2004).

Learning to form letters correctly helps kids read and write earlier. It is crucial to teach your children to correct writing skills so that they can focus less on writing correctly and more on writing creatively.

1) Shapes and Patterns Before Letters and Numbers

Every child needs to learn, beginning with shapes and patterns. Tracing and drawing are excellent ways to help children learn the forms of letters and numbers.

2) The Quickest Way To Teach Letter Formations

Think about how to teach your child to recognize the letters of the alphabet; usually, this begins with letter tracing. It can be hard for children to master letter formations at first.

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3) Be A Stickler for Correct Forms

You must start teaching your child how to form letters correctly early on, especially with everyday words, like their name. Teach your kid proper mastery of letters, and they will have a good foundation for writing later.

4) Teach Similarly Formed Letters Together

It is better to categorize letters based on their shapes and forms. Letters that are similar in structure, like c,o, and e, are easier for children to remember. There are many excellent programs that teach handwriting, such as Handwriting Without Tears or Handwriting Heroes that are wonderful aides if extra assistance is needed.

5) Don’t Skip The Basics And Maintain A Teaching Schedule

Some kids are good at creating letter shapes. However, the letters must not only look correct but be written correctly as well. Teaching your children successfully early on will help prevent bad habits before they start.

6) Remember That There Are Many Forms of Learning

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Not all pre-K kids learn the same way. Activities like the ones on this letter formation activities page will help your kid learn without boring them.
Handwriting Heroes helped my kids remember the correct formations when they were first learning. The Happy Handwriter is an excellent program for locally supplied handwriting resources for people in South Africa.

7) Use Common Activities To Teach Letter Formations

Try to make your lessons into a game, for instance, have your child jump or dance to a letter and trace it on a floor, or a wall. Games will help them have a better recollection of the letters they’re learning and challenge them to think about what they’re learning in new ways.

The Most Important Thing to Remember

You must remember that patience is critical. It is usual for kids to need extra time and practice to master letter formation. Let your child take a break and re-evaluate the activities that you’re using to teach your child.