Team Building Training is not just about fun and games

Team building is an important part of team dynamics and growing together as a group. Whether you are an adult or child you most probably enjoy activities that are both educational and fun. The reason many people look at team development is so there is a smoother and closer group which can in effect perform better together and increase results. Team building is a fantastic way of bringing together groups of people and helping them learn more about each other.

Team building activities can range from simple group activities to a more competitive nature. Depending on the age group of the team and the results you are after, it is good to choose activities that both fit the individuals in the team and the objective you wish to deliver. Some of the types of things that can be taught using Team building games or activities are socialisation, communication, problem solving, time management, customer service, teamwork, conflict resolution and process improvement as a team.

The best part of team building activities is that a lot of the time you don’t even know you are learning whilst playing or completing the activity. Having a clear guideline and explaining the rules or objective will have the activity improving and having a better result.  A great facilitator will involve all participants and invite the shy to become more involved. Sometimes you even get the shy people doing more in activity based training or education. Do not embarrass anyone on the spot, and try to counsel the whole group after the activity to drive home your objective.

We all learn differently also and your learning style may require more than just a visual aspect. The auditory and kinaesthetic nature of activities can increase learning and help others explain, or hear the learning experience from others within the group differently. Also with the kinaesthetic aspect, many learners will learn by doing or feeling within the activity. This increases awareness and improves the learning experience also.

There are training companies that now provide both child and adult team building education. The need for this has increased over the past couple of years with multiple studies and research that has shown team activities and games more productive in the workplace than standard learning systems. Increasing fun into the learning environment can be quite successful.

Many business owners and managers will use Team building today with adults as the need for learning while having fun is impacting and results driven. I guess we could all say we are all really just big kids. Team building is a great way to improve performance without the traditional way of training or education. Using this innovative training technique and tool will help push across your objectives with ease. With the added case studies and results that employers are getting with Team Building Activities these days, we can still have the excuse to be big kids at work.


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