Surviving The First Year In College- Stress-Busting Tips That Can Help

College sounds like a lot of fun but things may be different when you actually step into the campus for the first time. In fact, the first year is most likely to be stressful as there are academic pressures and financial anxiety to deal with. Further, you may also have to cope with loneliness and emotional stress if you don’t have friends or are away from your family for the first time. Navigating this phase is like riding a rollercoaster, but there are ways you can survive the first year in college. The best advice is to manage stress, which you can easily do by following some simple stress-busting tips.

Have an open mind

For the starter, you need to be well-prepared even before you join college. Have an open mind because you will meet people with diverse backgrounds and mindsets. There can be challenges as you deal with the seniors and make yourself comfortable in the new environment. An open mindset and flexible approach make it easy to fit in sooner rather than later, which will naturally alleviate stress and anxiety.

Talk to people

You may be an introvert but talking to people is as good as therapy when it comes to beating the first-year blues in college. Socializing with fellow students is vital while you may also try breaking the ice with the seniors. Be proactive and initiate conversations, even small talk would do. You will probably be able to make good friends and feel more relaxed with the company. If you are able to strike a rapport with the seniors, you may even get some good advice for breezing through the year.

Play a sport

College sports make great stress-busting activity and you should surely try your hand at them. If you are good enough, you may even find a spot on the team. College football star fred buckley suggests that your freshman year is the best time to start with the sport of your choice. You will have a chance to spend time with the popular people and make the right connections. Moreover, you cannot overlook the benefits of physical activity when it comes to beating stress and anxiety.

Check out events on campus

The best part about being in college is that you get to attend events on campus. You can kill your first-year stress by attending the ones that match your interests. You may opt for shows and dances if you love being entertained. Conversely, volunteering for a social cause is a great idea for those who want to do something positive and productive. Events bring a chance to meet people and bond with friends, so they definitely kill your stress in the early days.

Apart from these social stress busters, staying ahead of academic planning also keeps you cool and anxiety-free during the first year in college. Complete your assignments on time and never miss deadlines because you wouldn’t want to make a bad impression on the professors. Seek support from your peer group and family whenever you need it.