Repton School Appoints New Deputy Head, Mr. Ashley Currie Joins Team

Repton School has been serving its surrounding community since its inception in 1557. Established by Sir John Port of Etwall upon his passing, the Repton Priory would educate boys only for nearly 400 years, changing in the 1970s which would see Repton’s first female pupils.

Bringing Experience to Repton

Mr. Ashley Currie joins Repton after spending time at St. John’s School, Leatherhead. Upon graduating from the University of Durham with his master’s in Theoretical Physics, Mr. Currie began his career in education as the Head of Mathematics while also coaching and performing housemaster duties. Combining his passion for math, science, and sports, Mr. Currie brings an eclectic and passionate blend of energy to Repton School. Mr. Currie will be joining the lead spot on Repton’s academic team.

Commenting on the recently appointed Mr. Currie, Repton Headmaster Mark Semmence stated, “The calibre of our academic team is world-class and instills a culture of intellectual ambition.”  Mr. Semmence went on to say that Repton’s staff will work hard to shape “potential” while driving academic progress and building confidence within its student body.

Repton School has continued its recent efforts to get students into the leading universities of the world. Many students leave Repton having earned sports or academic scholarships, with both choral and organ scholars heading to Oxbridge. Among the most recent students to depart were Serena Cole, the first female black President at Trinity College Student’s Union; Alasdair Hastewell, who had begun studying for his Ph.D. at MIT; and Fleur Marshall, who has since become a Surgeon Commodore, the senior-most medical position in the Royal Navy.

Mr. Semmence remarked upon the many successful students who have departed from Repton for other major institutions by saying, “To be successful in the modern world requires collaboration, creativity, and teamwork, and we know that businesses demand the skills of varied individuals with broad interests.”

Finding a Place at Repton School

Repton School is one of the oldest educational institutions in the region, but that hasn’t stopped it from modernising with the times. Already an industry leader in the Educational Technology revolution, Repton leverages technological advancements remarkably well to deliver a curriculum brimming with collaborative efforts that prepare students for the 21st-century workforce. Thanks to the efforts of its faculty, Repton was rewarded in 2021 with the Education Business Remote Learning Award.

Mr. Currie was delighted to join the Repton team alongside his wife, Sarah, and their two dogs, Nero, and Hector. Mr. Currie says of the job that sits before him that he looks forward to, “Building on the examination and higher education success that Repton has enjoyed over the last 500 years.”

Joining a surging team, Mr. Currie was quick to say, “I look forward to contributing to the school’s rich heritage (while) working with the academic team to enhance every aspect of pupils’ learning.”

The History of Repton School

The plans for Repton were laid out in the will of Sir John Port of Etwall. He would leave behind funds to put toward a grammar school in Repton or Etwall. A building permit was granted to the Repton Priory in 1559, and from that day forward, the campus that we know today would begin to spring forth.

While a fully modernised institution, Repton is still imbued with the rich history and texture that its legacy left behind. Students experience a campus that houses many original buildings from the estate, including the Prior’s Lodging, the Overton Tower, the Tithe Barn, and the famous Arch — the final reminder of the Priory’s first gatehouse.

Educating students from prep to the senior class, Repton School houses one thousand pupils, which makes it large enough for students to flourish both inside and out of the classroom while retaining the close class comfort of a smaller institution. High academic standards are emboldened by a talented staff who live locally, within Repton itself. Continued efforts to bring high-level education that prepares students for the 21st century led the school to earn an Excellent rating from the 2020 ISI Inspection.

Repton School is centrally located within the distance of several major airports and train stations. East Midlands Airport is just 20 minutes away while Birmingham International sits 45 minutes away.

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