Reasons Why You Should Not Rely On Downloading Free Essays

It should go without saying that there is a big difference between using the Internet as a resource for writing your essay, and simply copying or downloading someone else’s essay off of the Internet. In the past few years more students have been expelled from their post secondary institutions because of plagiarism. In case you didn’t already know, plagiarism is when someone claims to of written something that they have not. This means any time that you copy and paste a document without properly citing the source you are essentially committing plagiarism. Most High School’s, Colleges and Universities have very strict zero-tolerance rules regarding this, and they will expel students whom they catch handing in copied materials.

You are probably thinking, “Who would do this?” because it seems pretty ignorant to think that you could get away with handing in a paper that you have copy and pasted from an online resource. However, the reality is that many students who do “plagiarize” do so without evening know it. Typically they are misled into believing that they are handing in original content that they have found on one of those websites advertising “free essays.” Although it still isn’t a great idea to download essays from sketchy websites thinking that you could get away with handing them in, these students are under the impression that the content they are getting will at least be original.

We have to shake our head at this; because it seems pretty naive to think that someone would write an essay for free and post it online for you to download. The logic is pretty non-existent but I suppose in a desperate hour a student may be willing to overlook this fact just to make their homework deadline…

To be completely honest it is never a good idea to download academic papers from these online resources unless you know for certain that the source is legit. What if the document had been a computer virus?… Honestly students just need to stop looking for easy solutions and either a.) Write the paper themselves or b.) Find a legitimate PAID academic writing service to handle it for them. Take my word for it, there is no such thing as free academic essays, despite what those advertisements on the side of your browser bar are saying.

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