Promising Career Options That Could Be Fun Too

Well, it goes without saying, choosing a profession that you can follow all your life without regrets; nothing matches the feeling! Seldom people fail to recognize their potential and skillset. Eventually, they end up practicing the wrong career and then begin the blame-game.

Perhaps, proper knowledge of the available career options, and of course, checking the suitability may help.

If you’re struggling with the choice of career options that you have, this article might help you. We’ve put down the top career choices that not only promise a handsome salary but also are fun too.

Food Engineer/Doctor

If food is the love of your life, and you smile when you see people savor tasty dishes then this might be the perfect career for you. A food engineer or doctor is responsible for curating the taste while keeping a close check on the healthy components in the eatables. Most importantly, the salaries could range from anywhere between $50,000 per annum to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Obviously, it’s a game of experience, and the more you gain the more you earn.

Professional E-Sports

Another interesting career option is in gaming. If you’re an avid gamer and couldn’t resist the urge to spend hours before a monitor or on your favorite console, you might turn this habit into a money minting profession. Participating in gaming events, working for programming companies that design these games, and many more options are now available. All that you need is the soul for gaming and you can shape your career in it. The potential for making a career in e-sports is enormous and it’s already in vogue. So, you might have one more thing to tell to your grandchildren amongst other interesting things in your life.

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Event Planning

Well, the Millenials definitely loved the idea of it, and the later generations are living the concept. Events, parties, music festivals, and whatnot. If you’re also in love with such events, and really wish to be around such events all the time, then you might have a choice here. You can opt for a career in event planning. Although the profile does not only cater to recreational events, you can gradually specialize in creating one. In other words, you may have to take up projects for corporate events, house parties, and other such events, but eventually, you can manipulate your expertise in fun-filled events only. And the professional is really rewarding.

Aviation Pilot/Instructor

Many would argue that flying an aircraft requires a lot of hard work. But many would also be supportive about how well the hard work pays. Experts at explain spending several hours behind the screens can prepare you for actual flight scenarios. If flying and reaching the skies has been your dream since you were a child, this might actually be the right choice for you. The profession is highly rewarding in terms of recognition, paychecks, and additional perks. And not to forget post-retirement benefits that come along.


This one’s for the child within you. Let that kid be out in the open and juggle with all the possible toys he/she can think of. Well, this might sound a bit odd, but the fact is, toy-making is a real job. And it’s actually a highly rewarding one as well. So, if you believe that you love being kiddish and spend time playing with toys, then rather than going for engineering or doctorate you should probably give your interests a try. And you might actually be really good at designing toys. Nothing could be more satisfying than seeing kids love your toys and playing with them.

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Master Brewer

The beer culture is not new. In fact, according to some leading institutes, global beer consumption was about 186.72 million kilolitres in the year 2017. And the figure has been notably rising. With the growing consumerism of the beer, you can actually become a brewer yourself. In fact, if you have the skills and the love for beer, you can probably be a master brewer for renowned breweries and imbue your taste into their product. And believe it, the career option is highly rewarding both in terms of money as well as beer.

Therapist for the Differently Abled

People around the world are struggling emotionally, physically, and even psychologically. An in case you really have the gist to change it for them, you can actually become a therapist. Institutes with government aid are always in a hunt for people who may help bring a change to the lives of these struggling men. The potential for recognition is so much that you can even use your artistic talents to help. And probably you may even gain expertise for art-therapies or music therapies. Perhaps, these professions are hugely in demand, particularly in the western world.

Travel Blogging

There’s nothing more soothing than a trip to the countryside. Well, stating a particular place for traveling might be a biased opinion, as for some it might be the mountains, and for others, it might be the beaches that give them the chills. However, whatever it may be, you can probably gain a lot out of their interests, if you could match the wavelengths. In other words, you can educate these travelers about the places you love and take them on a virtual tour to that place. The professional gives you the freedom to work from anywhere and yet be productive at all times. Moreover, travel bloggers are often approached by huge corporations for their marketing campaigns, and that’s yet another way you can earn extra dimes.

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Regardless of the career option you choose, you must know it, that you should follow your heart. Doing what you love and loving what you do, don’t necessarily mean the same, but everyone is in the quest to make these two meet. And if only, you can make both of these worlds meet, you probably would never have to regret it. At last, it’s your wish and your life, so live it to the fullest.