Make Your Road Towards Becoming a Nurse Easier with NCLEX Test Prep Apps

If you wish to become a nurse, passing the NCLEX exam is crucial because it provides you with the nursing license that allows you to be an official nurse and practice nursing. The test can be frightening for some even if they have a great amount of knowledge but nevertheless, it’s absolutely necessary.

Since recent research showed that the need for nurses is on the rise in the job market, we decided to check possible ways to better prepare for the exam. Besides regular studying that’s absolutely necessary, we checked a couple of alternatives and stumbled upon apps specifically made for helping people prepare for the NCLEX exam.

We tested out a couple of them and we bring you our thoughts on which are the best ones.

NCLEX RN Study Guide 2018: Rating: 4.7 / 5, Downloads: +10K

 The first one on our list is called NCLEX RN Study. Instead of focusing on question & answer type of learning, the app provides numerous flashcards to test the knowledge you currently have. We spent a couple of days testing it out and the flashcards do provide a quick way to memorize various facts. The information does look like something that would appear in a classic NCLEX exam and the app covers a decent number of topics.

We don’t think this one is the best if you’re looking for something to help you learn from scratch. But if you need a tool to cement the knowledge you have and learn things you might have missed out along the way, this one is a good choice.

NCLEX PN Mastery: Rating: 4.8 / 5, Downloads: +100K

Unlike the first one, this one is more for students that are exactly aware of what they know and don’t know. Let’s say you’re lacking knowledge in nutrition and you want to test yourself. This app is great because it allows you to quickly create a  custom quiz. You pick the topic and start answering the questions. This can come in handy if you want to brush your knowledge about a specific branch and not waste time on things you know you have covered.

Although rarely, what we did notice is that sometimes answers don’t match the question. It does seem somewhat problematic, but to just be sure, we came back to the app after a couple of weeks. A recent update was published and although the update didn’t specifically mention the patches, we did notice many questions fixed. So it’s good to know the developers are working on it.

UWorld NCLEX: Rating: 4.5 / 5, Downloads: +100K

 Finally, the last app on our list is UWorld. The reason we picked this one is that it’s likely the best one for students who need to learn and not just test their knowledge. The app comes with many questions covering topics like nutrition, anatomy and patient care. But the main strength of this one is that if you answer the question wrong, the app will immediately let you know and provide the correct answer. This way, you can learn on the spot and rinse and repeat the process. It definitely won’t replace a book, but it’s a great way to learn on the go as you prepare for NCLEX.

One thing we’d like to warn users is that the app sometimes crashes in the middle of the test. We’re sure it’s a minor bug but it that happen occasionally. We used this one for 5 days in that period it happened twice what it seems to be randomly. It didn’t bother us as even if you start fresh, you get random new questions that make sure you learn new instead of repeating what you already know. But those of you who like to finish what you started, this might not be the best option.


And here you go. We hope our three suggestions will help you prepare for your NCLEX. In case you’re interested in more app options, we also found a website that lists the supposed to 10 NCLEX prep apps currently on the market. So if you want to test more of them, here’s the link.

Best 10 NCLEX Prep Apps

As for last words, we want to let you know that in the end, it’s all about hard work. We do think these apps can help you out, but without a will to succeed, not even hundreds of apps can help you. So work hard, learn and we’re sure you’ll pass your exam in no time. Good luck.

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