Make a Weekend of Dropping Your College Freshman Off This Year

Last updated on August 31, 2019

Getting into the California Institute of the Arts was just the first step. Now, you’ve got a new college student to help move into the dorms at CalArts. Congratulations! It must feel like a monumental achievement for both you and them. Now that you’ve got a trip to Valencia, CA to plan for, there are some things you’ll want to do to make the transition period as easy as possible for your child.

New Student Move-In Date

Life at CalArts is very unique. It’s the type of experience every young artist dreams of. New student move-in is August 31, 2019. You’ll be able to help your child get situated in their new residence hall at the time assigned to them.

Ways to Get Around Campus Without a Car

Living on campus makes it easy for students to get to class without transportation. A car isn’t necessary and can cause added expense. Students can easily walk, skateboard, ride a bike, or even use scooters to get around.

Dining Options for Your College Student to Choose From

Dining options including a full salad bar, vegetarian and vegan choices, and lots of hot and cold meal options. With a dining plan, your child can eat well every meal at school or opt to eat off-campus at one of the many area restaurants. Outfitting their dorm with a mini-fridge is an option that allows them to keep food in their room without needing to leave for a late-night snack.

Student Life Adds Value to the Experience

In addition to the excellent education your student gets at CalArts, they also have the opportunity to hang out in the Students’ Union where they’re able to make new friends as well as participate in campus events and clubs. There are many extracurricular activities for your son or daughter to consider.

For example, there is Acting for Animators, the CalArts Anime Club, CalArts Comedy, Combo Club, Film Tonight, and Game Makers as well as many others. If your child has an interest in hacking hardware or soccer, they’ll be kept very busy in between classes and studying by participating regularly in clubs.

The Best Hotels in Valencia for Parents of College Students to Stay

Some of the best hotels in Valencia cater to parents of college students thanks to how close they are to the California Institute of the Arts. The Hyatt Regency Valencia is a popular choice delivers comfort, convenience, and care. It features a heated outdoor pool and fitness center so you can relax when you’re not on campus helping. The Hilton Garden Inn Valencia Six Flags is another fine choice. It’s especially good if you plan on fitting in a Six Flags trip sometime around the move-in weekend.

Make the Trip to Valencia One You and Your Child Never Forget

Before the feelings of an empty nest set in, decide to make the trip to Valencia as memorable as possible. As you drive your college student to the California Institute of the Arts, be proud of all that you accomplished as a parent. Your child has done something remarkable to get into the school, and you’ll enjoy seeing them blossom as an artist, musician or dancer during their years there. You’ll know that you played a crucial role in getting them there and moved in so they could start the next chapter of their life as an adult.


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