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Last Updated on February 26, 2021

The Cab Calloway Foundation has been a leader in bringing about change to the educational system of the country, one school at a time. The foundation has focused most of its work on integrating into the school curriculum after-school program for the arts and music, two of Cab Calloway’s interests and legacy. The goal of the foundation had always been to transform communities through improving student outcomes in schools across the country. The focus had been on providing students with activities and programs that pique their curiosity and tap into their talents and abilities. In this manner, students become confident in their abilities and realize their potentials. When students enjoy going to school because they feel that they belong and they are good at it, they also tend to complete the school year and graduate. The foundation has been able to demonstrate that it is possible for schools to maintain high graduation rates and to minimize or even eradicate drop-outs. By doing so, the foundation has been able to effect change and transform the lives of many students, especially those in the poor and minority areas. Without a doubt, the Cab Calloway Foundation has become a beacon for the change that we need to see in our schools and communities.

The Mission of Cab Calloway Foundation

In every project or goal that the Cab Calloway Foundation invests in, the same mission remains, that is the path to lifelong learning begins with the invitation to creativity through one’s personal and unique gifts, interests, and bits of intelligence. This would mean that every after-school program that the foundation funds and advocates for, should always emphasize the expression of creativity through the different programs in the arts. The foundation for more than twenty-five years has been reimagining education, in that when combining the arts into the curriculum, students become better learners and can complete school and graduate, most of which have also gone to college. Through the foundation’s help, these graduates can pursue a college education or specialized training in the arts that would significantly improve their opportunities in life. In doing so, these students will be in a better position to improve their lives and their families, thereby providing the encouragement that disadvantaged students need. The success that the foundation has achieved is proof that when students become invested in their education through doing the things that they love and passionate about, their success is also achievable.

The Cab Calloway Foundation Success Story

After the death of Cab Calloway, in 1994 a school was named after him and is now called the Cab Calloway School of the Arts. This school has been the success story of the Cab Calloway Foundation, in that since changing its name to that of Cab Calloway, the school has had a hundred percent graduation rate year after year. The foundation provides for start-up programs like the strings and piano majors and the smart summer program. These programs are well-funded and provide greater opportunities for students as they are discovered and scouted for special art training and education. As students experience more training and their talents are enhanced and sharpened, they are more able to learn and create positive experiences that will enhance their confidence and self-esteem. As a school, the CCSA is proof that magnet schools can provide better education for multiculturally diverse student populations and maintain high student outcomes. As such, students in this school have better chances of going to college, getting a degree, being discovered by an arts program, or getting better chances at holding a job and putting themselves through college.

The Legacy of The Cab Calloway Foundation

The Cab Calloway Foundation was established in 2001 by Nuffie Calloway, Chris Calloway, Cabella Calloway Langsam, and Andrew Langsam to serve the legacy of Cab Calloway. It was registered as a nonprofit organization as it would be in a position to deliver the programs that schools and students needed. At present Cabella Calloway Langsam has taken over the helm of running the foundation and the Cab Calloway School for the Arts in Wilmington, Delaware. Cabella has provided the vision and leadership that the foundation needs and with her as the CEO, has been able to successfully fund, initiate and advocate for several after-school programs for the arts and music that have helped so many students and communities. She has been able to combine arts and sciences in one curriculum and the results have been outstanding at the very least. The legacy of Cab Calloway is evident in Cabella Calloway Langsam and the leadership she has over the foundation and her keen eye for innovation and improving education for all. With that, the foundation has been able to change many lives and provide a sense of accomplishment and success to students who otherwise would have dropped out of schools early on.

Donate To The Cab Calloway Foundation

If you are looking for a worthwhile foundation to take part in, then you definitely will not go wrong with the Cab Calloway Foundation. It has made inroads to an otherwise difficult situation in which thousands of minority students drop-out of school, the foundation has been able to provide after-school programs and summer programs that kept students in school and have made changes in the way they feel and see themselves as someone who is talented, capable and has a better future. For this alone, you should definitely donate to the foundation and be able to see that your money has gone to an important endeavor, one that will change lives for the better. In order to donate to the foundation, you simply need to visit their website and click on the Donate button and this will take you to a secure page wherein you can input the necessary details of your donation. You will then be given a receipt for your donation which you can also use for tax credits and will be an added benefit on your part. But, whichever the case may be, donating and helping is good for the soul.

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