How you can be well prepared with your JEE Main Exam for 2020

Last updated on February 17, 2020

For an easy entry into the top colleges of engineering like NIT’s, GFTI & IIT, a great strategic plan is needed to crack the JEE Main exam for 2020. There was an announcement recently about the exam pattern to be modified and students have to plan their exam preparation schedule and strategy accordingly. This is one of the largest undergraduate entrance tests held in a form of the computer-based test. The probability and earlier evaluation consider about 9 lakh students to appear for the test for each session.

How to Crack JEE Mains Exam 2020

With the intense competition & many things to be learned at the same time, a good plan will always help. This article is to explain to you how to crack JEE main exam 2020. Starting with the book, weightage to syllabus & topics expected. One thing is very important; you need to believe in yourself without fail. Stay positive & motivated and follow the guidelines mentioned below:

  1. Make a list of the chapters remaining to study till date & then create a study schedule in order to complete the syllabus before time.
  2. Understand the base of all subjects before starting it. If you find the topic to be extremely boring, make sure to add up your creative & innovative ideas to make the learning interesting. Make flow charts, quick diagrams & then start your learning
  3. Work strongly on your time & speed-accuracy as time management is very important so as to complete your test with good speed without missing to answer any question.
  4. If you think you are not sure about the answer, you should skip it right away and move to the next one as it will consume time if you overthink.
  5. Solve all the numerical related questions of the previous year to get an insight into possible questions to be asked
  6. Make sure each doubt, be it complex or a silly one is cleared right away. Join a good course that can help you clear your doubts easily. They can help you get valuable information and doubt clearance to open your mind.
  7. Carry a book, make it a revision writing book so you have written all the key points that you learned. Your handmade notes will help you learn in a much better way than any other way of learning. It can make you recollect the points easily, remember the answer well and grasp it while in the examination.
  8. Make a book separate for formulas and numeric so you can make knowledge of all the formulas in one place without shuffling through your books and notes.
  9. It is important to appear for JEE Main mock test, this can help you get a good glance of where you are with respect to your examination preparation & also give you the ability to learn time management and speed-accuracy.
  10. Stick thoroughly with your study plan, stay very calm and do not waste your crucial time. Follow the teacher’s instruction, attend classes and make sure you know where you are standing with respect to the syllabus and study plan.


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