How to Write the Perfect Academic Paper

Last updated on February 28, 2019

Some of the most common writing assignments for online students include research proposals, reports, case studies, term papers, reflective writing assignments, dissertations, and customized essays. In this blog, you will learn how to write an academic essay that’s worthy of an A or B.

  1. Proper Time Management

As we all know, a well-written assignment is a time-consuming process. It is essential to manage your assignment by making a timeline for the mini-tasks which make up the whole assignment. Allot specific time for doing research, gathering class notes, collecting information, sorting everything in order, developing a rough draft, adding references, and proofreading the material. Doing this efficiently will save a lot of your time.

  1. Research and Gather Information

Revisit your lecture videos and tutorial clips to collect as much information related to your essay as possible. Go through your notes and course materials to find topics, key concepts, theories, and ideas for your paper. You can source information online from reliable academic journals and search engines, too. Make a note of the articles you find which interest you and go through them for information which will help you develop your paper.

  1. Create Your First Draft

After collecting all your information, read through every article and start pulling out information that can develop your thesis. You want to find something central to all of the different articles you found. Summarize each of the pieces in your own writing and try to figure out how everything fits together. Most importantly, try to become genuinely interested in your topic. Only then will outlining and writing become easy. Go paragraph by paragraph until you have a draft which can be used as a template for your final assignment.

  1. Follow the Primary Writing Format

The rough draft is the building block for the final paper. Introduce your topic and thesis, then follow up with three to four paragraphs with supporting information. You want to provide multiple different angles to the thesis and give it as much weight as possible. You’re trying to build a case, just like you were in court trying to build evidence around your argument. When all of that comes together, move on to the conclusion and wrap everything up. Re-state your thesis and look for the perfect sentence to close the assignment.

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