How to Talk & Flirt With College Girls

Last updated on May 9, 2019

This how to talk to and flirt with girls section is for all the college guys out there who need help talking and flirting with girls. There are a few things you must force yourself to do in order to get girls to like you.

Note: this section assumes you already know how to be a gentleman.

Be Confident

Girls are natually attracted to confidence. College guys need to learn how to be confident, but not cocky. It’s all about how you handle the situation, try to let her know you are confident without bragging or taking about yourself. Most of the college guys out there are either wimps when it comes to girls (they act like they are too happy to be there) or they are overly cocky bastards (and treat women like objects). If you can show a college girl through your actions you are confident she will become more interested in you.

Be Positive

Try to only talk about good positive things so she remembers having a good conversation with you. Also try to avoid any heavy topics such as politics, religion, etc.

Be Playful and Flirty

Dont give a give a college girl a direct answer, try to be as vague as possible and playful. If she is interested in you she will ask more questions and you can give her just enough information to keep her guessing.

Make Her Laugh

Just about every female on this planet wants/loves a guy who can make them laugh. Women love guys who are funny because they believe funny guys have confidence. Everyone has a different sense of humor, you want to try to figure out what her sense of humor is like. Getting a girl to laugh is a one way to show she is at least a little bit interested in you. If she is laughing and touching you, (like on the arm) that is a good sign she likes you.

Kid With Her, But Don’t Lie

You should try to make laugh and kid with her, but don’t ever lie. Women hate it when guys lie to them, and they are excellent at detecting lies. They can remember everything you say when you tell a story and the second time you tell it they know if any parts of the story changed.


Always look like you are having a good time, even if you are not. If you naturally smile and laugh with other people it makes you look so much better.

Good Eye Contact

Eye contact is key, look deep into her eyes and don’t stare at her body (especially her boobs – fight the urge). Girls think guys are more confident if they can keep good eye contact during a conversation.

Ask Her Questions

Girls love to talk, so let them. The more she talks to you the more it shows she is interested in you. If you let her talk 70% of the time she will like you more. Try to listen to what she says and ask followup questions on what she has already said.

Don’t Tell Her Your Life Story

College girls have enough stress in their lives they don’t want to be overwhelmed with information and know about your problems and such. Tell her as little as possible about you, if she wants to know she will ask. Even if girls say they want to know everything about you, don’t tell them, give them small bits and pieces. Once they find out everything about you, you become less interesting. If she keeps pressing you for more information, just smile and respond (in a confident tone) with prases like “well if you stick around long enough, maybe someday you will find out”.

After You Talk to a College Girl

Keep Phone Conversations Short

If you get a college girl’s number and you call her (or she calls you), only talk to her long enough to set up a time when you can get together. Do NOT just talk about random stuff, tell her you gotta go and end the conversation short. Its not worth your time and effort talking on the phone so only use it to meet up or set up a date.

How to Talk to a Girl Walking on Campus

Walking around campus is a great place to meet college girls. If you see a girl that you want to talk to, don’t just stare at her. Look in her eyes and when she looks at you smile. If she smiles back, stop and say hi and ask her what her name is. Don’t tell her your name unless she asks because a girl who is interested will ask for your name. If she asks for your name get her for her phone number, and then tell her it was nice meeting her, you gotta go to class.


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