How to Prepare for JEE without Coaching?

For aspiring IITians, there are a lot of things going on at the same time. Attending school, preparing for the class 12 board exams, and then add coaching for JEE to the mix. For an average student, all this can be too much, and it can cause many students to get even more nervous before the exam. But, is coaching important to crack the JEE? The answer is no. Creating a proper study plan can help you succeed in JEE without the need for coaching. You need to remember that some amount of ‘me-time’ with your books is necessary, and no amount of coaching can change that fact.

Here are some top tips to help you prepare for JEE without any coaching:

Refer Important Books and Study Materials

You must refer to only important books as prescribed by the NTA. You have to refer to class 11 and class 12 books as all of the questions will be asked from there itself. Besides, you can also refer to other study materials to help you clear difficult concepts or to help you in revising the entire chapter before the day of the actual exam.

Learn to Manage Your Time Properly

It is not wise to start your JEE preparation just months before the exam. You will need to utilize every minute of your time if you want to crack JEE. When you do not have to attend any coaching, you will be able to use that time to study, practice, and revise all the subjects thoroughly before the exam.

Understand What You are Studying 

Instead of just learning the topics, you need to understand it. JEE questions are set in a manner to review your understanding of the topic and not how good you are at learning by heart method. If you simply mug up answers, you will be taken by surprise if you do not get a direct question from the topic.

Clear All Doubts

If you have any doubts about any topic, ask questions in class without hesitation. Take the help of your teachers, parents, or even your siblings for topics that you do not understand. You can also use reference books or revision notes online for free to help you with the preparation. A better understanding of the concept will allow you to answer twisted questions based on the theory.

Do Not Skip Any Topic

It is imperative that you study all topics and do not skip any thinking that it won’t come in the paper. You should always be prepared for any question to help maximize your score. You should cover every concept in the book and widen your understanding before the exam.

Give Online Mock Tests

Just learning chapters is not enough. You should also assess your preparation by answering the previous year’s question papers, test series, and even mock tests. It will help you determine what you know and what are the topics that you need to revisit.

Most students are not confident about clearing the JEE exam without the help of coaching. It is mainly due to peer pressure, as you might feel that you are missing something by not attending one of those fancy coaching classes. But, you should know that not everyone can afford coaching and even they can clear the JEE exam with an excellent score. Your success in the exam will depend on your aptitude, hard work, and the effort you put into your preparation. If you attend classes in school, take the help of online study materials, and also take JEE main test series for free online to help you evaluate your performance. So, buckle up and start your preparation as early as possible.

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